The climate propaganda is deafening. Shame on everyone involved.

Scroll “Top Stories” on your phone and you are fed pure, shameless propaganda, utter horse manure from reporters too stupid or corrupt to connect the most obvious of dots.

The above piece is just one current, horrid example. Let me decode it for you-

“Doctors” (this is a prompt for you to think of saints in white coats) decry “record profits” (now feel vengeful for high gas and food prices) for “fossil fuel companies” (villain du jour) as “climate change” (their forever crisis to implement more control while the system crumbles) weighs on “global health” (please, think of anything but the toxic vaccines and COVID lockdowns for the health crisis we find ourselves).

Whoever regurgitates this bulls— from the narrative machine (NBC News, we’re talking to you) has the intellect of a toddler who missed his nap, and the 100 doctors who signed the Lancet report should be deprived of fossil fuels and their derivatives for 100 days (they’d all be dead in 60).

Maybe they can glue themselves to the floor at Volkswagen for 15 minutes before they start crying for their mommies. Before the tears start flowing, let me remind them the following-

      • Oil companies are serving a market need; creating supply in response to demand. If you don’t live off-grid with zero plastics and grow your own food, you don’t get to blame them. Owning an EV does not absolve you. EV’s don’t get built, transported, or charged without fossil fuels.
      • The entire world runs on oil, gas, and coal. Energy is the economy; no industry survives without it.
      • This is the same, stupid manipulation tactic designed to make us ‘certain’ that COVID 19 was of natural origin. Remember the Statement in Support of Scientists? Fool me once…
      • Doctors (in their bloodstained coats), the Lancet, and our broken, captured healthcare system no longer have credibility (so you’re in bed with the right people, NBC News).
      • Which is better for global health, some potential that temperatures rise a degree or two, or both halves of the population can eat? Which one of these f—ing idiots in a white coat is going to figure out how to grow and transport enough food to feed 8 billion people without fossil fuels?

Anyone? Bueller?? Perhaps it’s encouraging that they couldn’t quite find 100 doctors to put their name on garbage like this.

Thinking people, don’t fall for this gaslighting.

We live in a complex, dynamic system, where the economy, fueled by condensed energy in the form of fossil fuels, is an absolute miracle, delivering abundance at the click of a button.

To quote the wonderful economist and thinker Bill Bonner

The number of people who starve to death has dropped dramatically. Modern, civilized countries suffer more from obesity than hunger. Food is cheap, plentiful, varied. A person in Baltimore can sit for breakfast and enjoy a bowl of muesli with nuts from California… quinoa from Bolivia… other grains from Iowa, South Dakota… dried raisins from Chile and cashews from Brazil. If he wishes… he will have no trouble cutting up a banana from the Philippines, blueberries from New Jersey, or strawberries from Florida. What accounts for this abundance? Why did the number of starvation victims decline, as with the number from other natural disasters? With far more people on Earth, fewer now succumb to nature’s torments.”

To what do we owe this grace and bounty? To fossil fuels (not to mention human ingenuity, unleashed by systems of liberty).

Meanwhile, we aim ready to destroy the golden goose, sitting on the precipice of collapse, a binary outcome of either deflationary depression or currency collapse while the moral deformations who captured the system hunt for a scapegoat. Fossil fuels and climate change are not the problem.

The problem is a broken, crooked, debt-based fiat money system, and the captured governments who twist and turn the money dials.


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