Five reasons it may be a foregone conclusion (plus the real one at #6 you’ve never heard)

Should we go to war with Russia, perhaps through Syria? Obviously, if you read the news. The “war drums” beat louder by the day. But why?

The “Deep State” is eerily determined (and your permanent, unelected center of power usually gets what it wants).

Practically a campaign promise of Hilary Clinton, Trump ran against it and was quickly pumped full of hot air like a bag of buttery popcorn after five minutes in the microwave. From the Twitter account of only a megalomaniac:

Russia vows to shoot down all missiles fired at Syria…Get ready Russia, because US missiles are coming, new and smart! 

Sure enough, 100+ missiles soon followed. Ding! Popcorn is ready!! As if we can just lob those around without any real consequences.

Um, WTF?

What happened to diplomacy? Professionalism? How about his campaign promises, and the warnings to Obama to stay out of Syria?

Were those empty, is this cold calculation, or is Trump just a stooge? Perhaps the better question is whether they are all stooges, and why the f— are we hell-bent on starting WWIII with the world’s largest nuclear power?

The media – a “free” press once afforded the power, the responsibility, to shed light on motives and misdirection – is devoid of both. They are now just a for-profit propaganda arm of amoral corporate conglomerates in partnership with the seedy underbelly of power politics. Less watch-dog, more lap-dog.

No bueno.

Ruining your day

America the beautiful, God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea….that sounds better.

Why must reality sabotage a good story? We keep asking rhetorically, but let’s see if we can answer this. Why would the “powers that be” in the United States of America, land of the cherished free and home of the storied brave, want (or dare risk) war with Russia? What about the wildly effective cold war deterrent known as MAD – mutually assured destruction — which served Kennedy-Khrushchev and Regan-Gorbachev, is lost on the kuku’s nest of masterminds pulling strings over coffee in conference rooms in New York and DC?


Our background is family first, then business and finance, not military strategy, political science, or the bloodthirsty lust for power by madmen, so forgive us if we try to openly use logic, and add your comments on those we may miss.

1. Freeing the Syrians from an evil dictator, and planting another seed of democracy in the Middle East. (Because the other two are blooming so well).

Let’s go ahead and get this one out-of-the-way.

No foe nor their powerful allies are too staunch to let our freedom-loving brothers and sisters in Syria suffer under an autocrat. Assad is the Dictator-du-Jour, and he must go, no matter if his alliances risk a third world war. Freedom-fries are coming to Syria, conflicts and consequences be damned.

I remember at 23 I believed the rhetoric around the Iraq invasion. Ah, the naivety of youth. Whatever is behind these misadventures, that’s not it. If it were, it was long ago time for an about-face, as we leave behind wastelands of corruption, infighting, and graft, not thriving, friendly democracies.

2. War, Inc. The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about is in high gear, building a massive sales pipeline for weapons and equipment.

As a sales manager, I know the importance of pipeline. But this is absurd, if only for the lives at stake. At a minimum, we lose thousands of service members, thoughtful, hardworking Americans in their prime with families, friends, dogs, and little gold-fish swimming around in fish-bowls at home.

And how many Russians must we annihilate?

At least as likely (more so), nuclear warheads fly at warp speed to vaporize a dozen cities on both continents. How much do you like the metropolitan areas of New York, DC, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Phily, Boston, Atlanta, Miami and Phoenix? Are we good without them?

And the fallout? Are we cool with that? Some smaller conflicts may be about sales pipeline, but Russia? I hope not.

3. Resource domination in the face of declining production yields (the oil meme that’s been trotted out to explain our decades-long debacle in the Middle East).

Syria is not a significant oil exporter – about #35 worldwide – and while Russia is #2 behind Saudi Arabia, the objective can’t be to simply seize production from their cold, dead, Russian hands. If the fracking boom taught us anything, it’s that high oil prices lead to capital investment, which begets more production, at least to soften the decline of resource depletion.

War is waste. Purchasing oil on the open market is cheaper; I hope we understand that.

One big asterisk is the gas pipeline proposed from Qatar to Europe through Syria, blocked by Assad. This could explain the push for regime change. Europe gets its gas from Russia, and this would put a friendly supplier on “our side”.

A war with Syria alone could (perhaps sadly) be explained by the gas pipeline, but the push for Russia? It doesn’t quite add up.

4. Preparing a scapegoat for the inevitable collapse due after a 50-year credit binge that can only be resolved through massive inflation, currency collapse, or deflation (crashing assets and bankruptcies). Playing the blame-game will be easy given ensuing financial warfare. A tin-pot dictator won’t do (too small).

Getting warmer perhaps. Our country would be better served by the comeuppance, relearning valuable lessons about debt and paper money, sleeves rolled, and with a fresh start, but governments always prefer to point fingers.

So is this it? The warmongers in Congress almost certainly don’t understand the credit cycle enough to prepare for this fate, while the Deep State is surely already positioned to profit. It’s possible, but let’s keep going.

5. Fighting the inevitable war with Russia and China while we can win. Pound your young adversaries to a pulp before they surpass you in might.

Let us go on the record to say the US can lead the world without spreading death and destruction, if only we go back to our roots.

And we need to do this. Like, now.

Our best advantages were born of liberty, with property rights, sound money, a level playing field for rich and poor alike, and minimal meddling. Of those seeds grow savings, investment, innovation, productivity, and abundance.

It is the abundance of wealth that enables strength. Without it, tanks and planes sit idle and rot.

Perhaps if the focus was China outright, this might feel closer.

6. Preserving the US Dollar’s role in trade, including our ability to print the world’s reserve currency, exporting inflation for real things.

Pop quiz: What two governments last began requiring currencies other than the US Dollar for oil exports?

Answer: Iraq, under Saddam, and Libya, under Gaddafi. And where are those dictators now? In a pine box (as the expression goes).

Vladimir Putin is now the world’s biggest critic of the US Dollar system, fast at work creating trade agreements in other currencies, and stockpiling gold.

Let’s not forget the US Dollar was only saved from a precipitous decline after the Nixon administration’s defaulting on our obligations under the gold standard by Kissinger’s 1974 Hail-Mary to the Saudi’s, offering military protection in exchange for their acceptance of only US Dollars for oil.

The petro-dollar was born, and is now under significant strain.

To lose this exorbitant privilege is to lose the nearly unlimited power to create money from nothing and exchange it for anything on Earth – land, oil, food, gold, iron ore, tanks, planes, cars, computer chips, software, and servers, flat-screen TVs, Hawaiian shirts, plastic pink flamingos, and cocktail umbrellas by the container-ship load, while we lean back and complain about the loss of manufacturing jobs, oblivious, and our government dominates the world.

And what happens if other countries no longer need all of those US Dollars?

They come flooding back, extracting whatever they can, from purple mountain majesties to the best American brands, right down to bushels of corn and wheat, driving up the price of everything around you.

Does this reason sound dire enough? Perhaps it is the only one that does.

Whatever the case, whomever is pulling the strings must think we can defeat Russia quickly and decisively. That seems overconfident.

The loss of life on either side is unacceptable if we cannot honestly discuss motives, and a miscalculation could quite literally end the species.

But perhaps as mere family and businessmen, we miss the mark altogether. The world-improvers and string-pullers have another sound, well-reasoned argument to demonize our vodka-drinking friends in the east, who like you and I, surely want nothing other than peace as a populace; to work and save, eat and drink, and laugh and love. Well, why aren’t we talking about it then?

Why isn’t the debate real? Why instead are we only manipulated?

Alas, us pleabs do not deserve to know, in the eyes of our all-knowing and fearless leaders. Now get back to your cat videos. Nothing to see here.

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