What will you tell your daughter, when you vote for Biden or Trump?

For those who don’t know (i.e. everyone), they’ll be a woman on the ballot this November. She’s competent, measured, and articulate.

Even better for her campaign, she’s running against two of the most incompetent, erratic, corrupt, corroded candidates in history of American politics.

These men also happen to be misogynous, sexist, even predatory. 

Hmm… hardly fit to lead, and their treatment of women is abhorrent. So what will you tell your daughter (and son), if you vote for Donald Trump or Joseph Biden?

Stepping back, will anyone even notice the woman on the ticket? Probably not. We’re conditioned to think there are only two parties qualified to send a candidate to the highest office.

The same parties that give us only bubbles and bust, bailouts and boondoggles, unwinnable wars, massive debt, and constant inflation, offering a desperate public in 2016 only… Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Now, add bumbling Joe Biden to the mix, a man clearly in the throes of dementia. Of course they now lead with dementia… who better to puppet?

Does anyone believe this is the will of the people?

Sex shouldn’t matter, but it’s hard not to argue that it’s time we put a woman in the highest office.

The good news is, this one’s got a great platform. Walk with me through her ideas-

    • On war, no thanks. Her position is “armed and neutral”, laser-focused on defending America in America. No foreign wars, no military aid, and no blockades or trade embargos. In other words: peace, man.
    • Healthcare? Put the dog back in his crate, getting government out of healthcare by allowing real price competition. She thinks this can cut costs by 75%.
    • The environment? It’s time to go nuclear. Nuclear power is clean, efficient, and pretty cheap. Hard to argue with this logic, even as we continue making strides with renewables.
    • Social security? Let’s plan for the inevitable demise, moving to defined contributions, rather than defined benefit plans. The private sector did this a long time ago.
    • Debt and spending? As President, she’ll block new borrowing, and veto any spending bill that leads to a deficit. She’ll give every department smaller budgets. There is no excuse for sticking our children and grandchildren with the bill for bipartisan bloated budgets. Amen.
    • Trade and Immigration? Americans should be free to travel anywhere, to buy and sell from anyone in the world. She’ll eliminate trade barriers and tariffs, and repeal quotas on the number of people who can legally enter the USA to work, visit, or reside.
    • Criminal Justice? She wants to end the War-on-Drugs and other victimless crimes, pardoning people convicted of these non-violent offenses. Power to the people.
    • Poverty? She lays out an inconvenient truth, the elephant in the room since the 1960s: Government anti-poverty programs don’t work. The cure for poverty is a vibrant economy with good jobs and affordable living. This can only be achieved by eliminating policies that cripple economic freedom.
    • Taxes? A vote for more government is a vote for higher taxes. As President, she’ll slash federal spending, make government smaller, and let you keep what you earn.
    • Education? The Department of Education is a failure. In their forty years of rot, costs have skyrocketed, while quality dropped like a stone. As President, she’ll return control to parents, teachers, and students.

Pretty forward-thinking, no? I’ve got friends in both camps, conservative and liberal, that would find it hard to put up a coherent argument against more than a few of those.

Heck, if you’re not offending both sides a bit, you’re doing something wrong. The time for more empty promises – flowers and unicorns – is over. Only hard choices remain.

If we don’t derail the gravy-train with difficult choices now, that train shoots right off a cliff, leaving your children only a broken, smoldering, shell of a country.

Sadly, despite a solid platform of ideas well-supported by the pages of history, Jo Jorgensen doesn’t stand a chance. She’s libertarian, not republican or democrat. She may as well be a Nazi.

Like a pack of domesticated animals carefully shepherded into voting blocs by our masters, we cannot stray. We will not think for ourselves.

We’ll trot off on election day, bright-eyed and bushy, talking points prepared by management, pulling our levers red or blue, fetching our buttons like well-trained dogs.

Half will vote for the sleazy old man on the left, and half for the sleazy old man on the right. Both sociopaths, they’ll destroy what’s left of the country and currency in two terms or less.

All you’ll get is that stinkin’ button, red, white and blue, and made in China.

So, I’ll ask again: What will you tell your daughter?

A vote for the woman – one of real principals – is just a waste? A waste of what? What is wasted when you pull the lever for a man so unworthy as these instead? Your character? Your principals? Their future?

Do you really think he will make a better President?

As Hilary Clinton used to say, I’m with her.

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