Assaults on liberty by mere grifters.

The original title of this piece was The Big Lie, but that now seems to refer to Biden’s election victory. Rightly or wrongly, the term stuck like tar, a huge reflection of our times.

The “sting” refers to the moment when a con artist finishes the “play”. In a successful con, the mark doesn’t realize he’s been cheated until the con men have flown the coup.

For today’s biggest grifters, the jig may soon be up.

A good con man needs to have the trust of his victims. That’s the heart of any good confidence game. After the last 18 months, how many of us will never trust our governments again?

We write children’s books teaching kids to #QuestionAuthority, and even I’m flabbergasted.

Our institutions together with their corporate masters have shown themselves as evil manipulators, crafting elaborate lies to herd us into pens only for their own exploit. It’s never been about public health.

It’s about control.

Hobnobbing from pampered perches in government and big business, these sociopathic, world-improvers have zero respect for the little people.

They don’t trust us with the truth, respect us enough to care, or have any clue that they’re playing with fire.

Shouldn’t our leaders have integrity?

At the very least, should they not be smart enough to know the importance of trust? Trust in our institutions is earned in decades, and lost in moments. Without it, they have nothing.

COVID-19 has been a big, fat lie drenched and coated in more lies, spoon-fed to the plebes while America is hollowed and plundered.

They’ve been lying to me since they put the Food Wheel-turned-Pyramid into every classroom, but even for them, these lies are astounding.

Book and Sticker

On my coffee table lies The Truth About COVID-19, by Ronnie Cummins and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

It relays most of the same ominous details we’ve been sending in our column, ones we’ve gleaned from information scouts like Chris Martenson, Chris Irons, George Gammon, Mark Moss, and Doug Casey.

That you’re hearing it from Dr. Mercola says that our instincts are likely spot-on. They should not be shrugged off as conspiracy theories.

Here’s the sequence of events, ‘the sting’ as we’ll now call it-

    • Over the last 20 years, there have been dozens of patents related to coronaviruses, the spike protein, and these mRNA vaccines.
    • Those involved talked about releasing a pandemic, even simulated it.
    • SARS-CoV-2 was lab leaked. Fauci knew it, and led a hasty cover up.
    • Big Tech fell in line, censoring anyone who questioned a natural origin.
    • Whether the release was accidental or intentional, they saw the opportunity, and seized it.
    • The real objective is a new feudal system, which they think necessary to tackle climate change, resource depletion, and the impending debt crisis.
    • For that to work, they needed COVID-19 to be a massive crisis.
    • They lied about the risks, to severely overstate them.
    • They lied about the best ways to prevent and treat COVID-19.
    • Big tech fell in line, censoring anyone who questioned the official narrative.
    • They isolated everyone, and forced business closures, crippling economies, and ruining millions.
    • Cases and deaths were inflated by poorly designed PCR tests and cause-of-death shenanigans.
    • They aligned behind Joe Biden to defeat anti-establishment candidates, Sanders and Trump.
    • Clearly, Biden is not in charge, so who is?
    • Experimental mRNA vaccines were rolled out with massive propaganda campaigns and divide-and-conquer social engineering.
    • Big Tech fell in line, suppressing anecdotes about mysterious deaths, strokes, nervous system reactions, and cardio-events.
    • They fudged data, counting cases differently for the vaccinated, gaming the PCR cycle thresholds to drum up hysteria in states and regions where vaccination rates are low.
    • The fearmongering continues with the beating drums of a Delta variant, the new Boogeyman du jour.
    • Big pharma is on the case, ready to roll out booster shots, more mRNA for the unwashed masses, the 4th industrial revolution as they call it at the WEF.
    • They see it all as inventory management, and we’re the inventory.

The whole thing is despicable, even downright criminal. We should be having Nuremberg trials for anyone involved in perpetuating these lies on the American populace.

Climate Lockdowns, Cyber Pandemics, and the Surveillance State

My Spidey-senses are tingling about what’s to follow. Actually, that gives me too much credit. It’s not a Spidey sense if you just acknowledge the words that come out of their mouths.

The world elites (best represented by the World Economic Forum, or WEF) are now telling us that climate lockdowns and cyber-pandemics are coming.

We just had two cyber-attacks on both US energy (the Colonial Pipeline) and US food systems (JBS). What’s more critical than those? Yikes.

Those were likely warm-up sessions, and almost certainly not done by Russia. It smells like a false flag. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a gazillion times, and I might start to catch on.

That ransoms were demanded in Bitcoin also seems set-up for a takedown. Attacking its energy consumption does as well; bogus memes designed to herd us into pens and point fingers at each other.

They used to call this ‘psyops’, at least when they did it on foreign soil.

Two others to start following now.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of curveballs coming down the pipe is to have your trusted information sources vetted well in advance.

I’ve mentioned my go-to’s before, some above, and more in our free Ultimate Parent’s Money Guide (free download below). Two that haven’t made the list until now are worth calling out here.

I stumbled upon these two women more recently, and they have not disappointed-

    • Whitney Webb. Perhaps no one has done more to expose the deep, deceptive, and deranged underbelly of the power-elite. You can find her on Unlimited
    • Tessa Lena. Growing up in the Soviet Union, Tessa sees the handwriting on the wall. She is onto the WEF and their diabolical plans. You can find her at

You need to have information sources you can trust who are outside the machine, and I recommend both.

We are now living in a world with real-life, James Bond level villains – Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Klaus Schwab. They quite literally discuss unleashing pandemics and blacking out the sun.

Read that last line again.

These villains are trying to reshape the world for our children. While it makes for an exciting time to be alive, it’s also bone-chilling.

Your kids better leave your house well-prepared, and wise to the game.

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