Running Biden again is an outright betrayal.

I remember when the USA was still America. It wasn’t that long ago.

We rode bikes everywhere, dispersed in all directions after football practice, boys of all colors and sizes, smiles wide, helmets hanging from handlebars. We didn’t put them on, even as we dodged traffic in the cool air, a harvest moon lighting the way over changing leaves, another beautiful Autumn in New England. We stood each morning for the pledge of allegiance, and meant every word.

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, we closed to start our lessons. The stars and stripes, they stood for something to us. We believed.

We didn’t see these values as platitudes. We held them at the core of our American identity: Representative democracy, individual liberty, equal treatment under the law, equality of opportunity, and personal responsibility; a free, fierce, watchdog press holding power to account.

We didn’t resent each other, and we weren’t racist.

It seems quaint, as America becomes unrecognizable, a trolling narrative-machine where nothing is quite as described but perception terrorizes reality.

That either major political party would nominate anyone as unpopular and unfit as Joe Biden is, that feels like the death toll for the values we shared, crumbling from the walls in DC.

How can we pretend they matter or teach our children that they do?

Representative democracy is on life support in the USA, and the democratic party is about to pull the plug. Completely out of touch, Biden’s campaign ads claim to defend it. But how can it be representative democracy when 75% of democrats do not want him representing the party?

Flush it down the toilet for a bloated charade, a looting machine controlled by vampires we don’t even know (we can speculate, but we are not informed about who makes decisions for Biden, we know only that it cannot be him) that will stop at nothing until they own everything, and the world is destroyed.

I hereby withdraw my consent.

  • I withdraw my consent to our fake President. It’s a lie, and everyone knows it.
  • I withdraw my consent to refuse primary debates to his opponents, RFK Jr and others.
  • I withdraw my consent to send another penny to Ukraine, to sabotage critical infrastructure or to commit acts of war against Russia or others without a Declaration of War by Congress.
  • I withdraw consent to foreign aid for governments anywhere. Trade with all, treaties with none.
  • I withdraw consent to any laws (new or existing) that infringe on the rights granted to me and my fellow Americans in the US Constitution and its 27 amendments.
  • I withdraw consent to the other countless, arbitrary laws and executive orders that exist outside the power explicitly granted to the Federal Government by the US Constitution.
  • I withdraw my consent to the use of unbacked, debt-based fiat money, and hereby demand we return to the Constitutionally required (Article 1, Section 10) backing of gold or silver in legal tender, convening an audit of America’s official gold holdings against current liabilities to determine the rate at which we return convertibility of the US Dollar to gold.

The allegiance I pledged all those years ago, it promised liberty and justice for all. Liberty means freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, and justice is equal treatment under the law. It was these values that joined us, red and blue, young and old, rich and poor. They made us ‘indivisible’.

It wasn’t perfectly applied, but we were better at it back then.

Today, we are divided incessantly by arbitrary despots that favor control over truth, use the law to punish their enemies and wield money-issuance to shower their friends with favors.

I withdraw my consent to this betrayal.


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