Manipulation, groupthink, and fudged data: Alarm bells ringing loud and clear.

Does it seem like we’re being manipulated? Even scarier, look how well it’s coordinated between big government, big business, and big tech.

The cartel that runs the world wants badly for everyone to think that everyone else is getting vaccinated. They’re riling up the mob to ‘tar and feather’ those who prefer to wait and watch.

Brutalized by state-imposed lockdowns for over a year, now that we’ve got Helsinki syndrome (‘save me, loving captor’), we’re told our very saving grace is finally near.

Life can be normal, but only after everyone is injected with messenger RNA.

Most alarming is how frequently we’re lied to, how our emotional levers are pulled, pushed, and toggled to achieve short-sighted policy goals at the expense of trust in our institutions.

After deciding the control they’d gain by keeping us in masks forever was perhaps not quite as tantalizing as using those very masks as Scarlet Letters on the unvaccinated, they did an about-face.

The data didn’t change, they just found a new angle to manipulate us. How much caviar was spilled in that debate?

Poor Fauci was trotted out to defend yet another flip-flop, the CDC now nothing more than a laughingstock, except that it’s also become a threat to our liberty.

The whole edifice should be evacuated, then burnt to the ground, an exorcism performed on the smoldering ashes. I will personally volunteer to drive the staff out to the woods, setting them free one by one, like a problem puppy in the 1950s. He just wouldn’t stop chewing the furniture…

We can do same for all the other big TLAs, except maybe KFC (credit, Dave Collum). The Kernel’s hands may be clean, but there is blood on the others from millions brutalized by lockdowns.

Mask or Vax? My family’s healthcare choices are none of your business, Mr. President.

Individual liberty and responsibility

At BadDaddy Publishing, we forever support your right to vaccinate, and would stand in front of a tank to defend your right not to. The responsibility for your families’ well-being lays on your shoulders.

That means you’re in charge.

Wear a mask or not; you should live in a country where you’ll never be vilified, where you don’t need to share your vaccine status. Your decision does not put me in danger any more than you driving to work. If I want to vaccinate to protect against the risk that others may not, I am freely able to do so.

It’s only through choice that we maintain freedom, and freedom is sacrosanct.

This country used to be free, but the direction of the cartel – government together with big business, riling up the mob through social channels – says it may not be for long.

With the pandemic-hysteria at its height, they censored information on cheap, readily available generics (Ivermectin) that showed themselves remarkable at treating COVID. Now, they’ve gone all-in promoting experimental vaccines that quite literally change the make-up of the very cells in our bodies.

That sets alarm-bells ringing.

Where’s the ‘why’ in this? At best, it’s a money grab by big pharma (which surely pulls enough strings to have their way), but that doesn’t explain the big tech platforms leading the charge.

If you think they’re simply trying to stop the spread of COVID, the vaccines don’t do that. They only make it less likely that symptoms are severe. And why suppress Ivermectin?

No, there may be something else going on. This has ‘Great Reset’ written all over it.

The World Economic Forum has a grand plan to tackle climate change and the impending debt crisis with a new feudal system, merging your physical person with a digital identity. In sum, you’ll own nothing, and like it, at the bottom of a giant pyramid, eating mealworms and hauling gravel.

One sign is simply how much they are lying. The fudging of data is downright blasphemous–

    • Suddenly, while the unvaccinated who die with COVID have been marked as COVID deaths (no matter the cause), the vaccinated who now die with COVID are marked by other causes (i.e. heart attack, etc).
    • The PCR cycle threshold for the unvaccinated remains 35-40 (so high that false positives are quite common) while the CDC has reduced the PCR cycle threshold for the vaccinated down to 28.

There is zero data-integrity in moves like that. It’s not science, it’s narrative-building, agenda-driven poppycock.

Our best-case scenario is they want to play dice with your health to suck more wealth from the masses to the well-connected, without any long-term safety data for the vaccines whatsoever.

Worst case, it’s the beginning of global totalitarianism.

Blind trust at this moment – as we’re consistently and quite obviously lied to – seems ill-advised. No, Dr. Fauci, we are not ‘all in this together’. If we were, we’d be honest with each other.

First, they came for the PowerPointers, and I said nothing. Next, they came for the unvaccinated, and still, I said nothing…

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