The global elites are using the COVID crisis to make the world unrecognizable for your children.

Ever get that feeling the rug is about to get pulled from under the feet of your little ones? That the world you’ve been preparing them for is about to get flipped on its head?

Now is one of those times. The big TLAs (three letter acronyms) in the bureaucratic universe are getting together over shrimp cocktail to decide how to share what’s left of a shrinking pie, cloaking the scraps they plan for your family into glitzy, technobabble and humanitarian-laced marketing speak.

Nine months into the pandemic, our fearless super-rich and their-gang-of-world-improvers (i.e. busy bodies) have put together a grandiose plan to save (steal?) the world.

The result will not be an America our founding fathers would recognize or pledge allegiance to.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) calls it the “Great Reset” and the IMF (International Monetary Fund) calls for a “New Bretton Woods”. The original Bretton Woods agreement was signed in 1944, putting the US Dollar (then backed by gold) at the center of the global financial system, a wave we’ve ridden since.

That this is even happening now confirms our tinfoil hat has been performing its juju. Frankly, we’ve been predicting something like it for a couple of years now.

They’ll say all the right things to get most of us sheep herded into our pens with great digital marketing and slogans like “build back better”. Hat tip to Tessa Fights Robots for this compilation-


They’re using COVID-19 as the catalyst – the opportunity – to push through these plans, tinkered with for years and accelerated now.

Never let a good crisis go to waste; that’s how they operate-


The problems they are trying to manage are two-fold-

1) The global financial system needs a controlled demolition – a debt-jubilee or beautiful inflation, or it’s going to collapse on its own. There is too much unpayable debt, and someone needs to eat the losses. These losses must be swallowed mostly by the rich through deflation (debt defaults, bankruptcies, and crashing markets), which could also disrupt their powerbase (who’s in charge, and the funds spent to buy them off), UNLESS they spread it amongst all of us – mostly the unprepared – as savers, currency holders, and laborers. Their plans include the latter (for your own good, of course).

2) The environmental story; concerned with climate change and resource depletion, they see no way for 7.8 billion people to live in single-family homes, 3,000 square feet each, an acre of yard, two cars, central air-conditioning, and bacon cheeseburgers for dinner every night. It’s time they change and manage your expectations. There’s plenty to go around, with better rationing. Think of a pyramid. They’re on top eating sushi and Wagyu, and your family is on the bottom hauling gravel.

Through a controlled demolition, they’ll position themselves to gain more (or lose less), then rule over everyone. And why shouldn’t they be rewarded? They’re saving the world, after all.

Most concerning is that integral to their Great Reset seem to be the following-

a) Vaccines and Digital Health Passports, giving them control over your body and your ability to travel or cross borders.

b) FedCoin (i.e. digital government money). This is the only thing worse than paper money. It’s still Fiat, but gone are privacy and true, unfettered possession, allowing them to (a) track and tax any expenditure, (b) inflate away debt selectively by creating new money and directing where and how quickly it can be spent, and (c) freeze your ability to transact, should your compliance level warrant it.

These two mechanisms are downright Orwellian, representing total authoritarianism over liberty. But we have nothing to fear, right? They must be benevolent. What could possibly go wrong?

In the future they’re planning, we won’t even own anything, per their own sales video. Anything (they think) you need, you can rent (from them)-

They deleted this video after their tweet received backlash, but thankfully it was grabbed by the resistance – does anyone else feel like John (or Sarah) Connor right now?!?

If they get these things done (still a big if…we the people will always have the numbers), it means a future without (a) liberty, (b) privacy, or (c) private property.

History has shown that is a future for our children without opportunity.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, anyone who cares to join me at Plymouth Rock, we can toast the end over a cranberry Old-Fashioned…

Aside from such petty details (who needs history, when you’ve got shrimp cocktail?), is it possible the TLA’s of the world have only the best intentions? Does it matter? The road to hell…

While one can hope their intentions are as clean as a baby’s behind (or Klaus Schwab’s shiny head), of concern is the skullduggery behind the scenes to ensure this opportunity isn’t lost.

Put your conspiracy theory hat on for a moment and consider-

    • In order to get ideas of this magnitude pushed through, they need a crisis. COVID-19 was perfect timing (whether man-made or not, and whether released intentionally or not).
    • To qualify as a crisis (rather than a mere problem-solved-promptly), we can’t figure out the best treatment and preventive measures too quickly. Is that why the national health agencies are not advocating preparing your terrain with Vitamin D, Zinc, and Selenium? How about cheap, effective generics for treatment like Ivermectin or God forbid, HCQ? Hat tip to Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart at for keeping us all informed on these.
    • For plans this grandiose to be considered, it can’t just be a public health crisis. It’s got to be an economic crisis, too. Is that why they keep toying with lockdowns?
    • President Trump would be an impediment, we can all agree on that. President Biden will not. (This is not an endorsement of either – we detest both political parties fervently).
    • They’re really driving home a focus on improving the lots of women, girls, minorities and refugees. I have zero problem with that, if sincere, but it feels like either virtue-signaling, or perhaps more likely, the ultimate alley-oop, preparing anyone who opposes their grand plans to be labeled sexist or racist.

Wouldn’t that be just up their sociopathic ally?

That they want more control is not surprising. That we’ve gotten ourselves – the species, and the planet – into some serious predicaments that need thoughtful planning is also true.

It’s not that we shouldn’t be talking about wholesale change. It’s that their version of it, and the deceptive and seedy ways they sell it, have me nervous.

It feels like just how global living standards might be slashed from top, down.

Besides, these are problems I already solved. Dust off My Plan to Save the World published last September, and you can thank me in the morning.

Well, enough doom and gloom for now. Turn off your device, make yourself a drink and a plate of turkey, and tackle those adorable kids of yours.

It’s a Holiday, and this is still America, or goes by that name for now, anyway. 😉


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