Five ways to shake it off in 2022.

Happy New Year, folks. Now why are we all spending an extra hour in bed scrolling through social media? Mildly interesting at best, it proves a nice distraction.

Distraction from a growing emptiness, a lack of meaning to most of our day-to-day. Yes, family life is nice – the kids are preciousbut where’s the bigger purpose in everything else?

The planet is burning, people are disease-carriers, our political system is broken, our leaders are feckless, dishonest, and uninspiring, and the most-read NY Times story of 2021 is about, you guessed it, languishing.

More than anything about the pandemic, the economy, Afghanistan, Elon Musk, Alec Baldwin, Trump, Biden, Gates, even Spiderman or an impending energy crisis (spelling doom for Europe or even much of the USA this winter, easily morphing into a food crisis), people most identified with a feeling of languishing.

Shoot, that’s sad.

What should we expect, when we let the world get upended by fearmongering, power-grabbing politicians, their corporate masters, and the pampered shills in media?

Adam Grant, psychologist and author, describes languishing as “the neglected middle child of mental health” and “the void between depression and flourishing — the absence of well-being.”

It’s really no surprise that people are numb.

The pandemic was just a big straw that broke the camel’s back. When the money is fraudulent, rotten to the very core (fiat money created at will, shared among insiders), what festers socially is rot.

Well, it’s 2022 already. Get off the mat, champ. Time to smash something over your knee, snap into a Slim Jim, get your skis shined up, and grab a stick of Juicy Fruit.

Here are five ways to break that cycle of languishing-

1. Stop reading the NY Times (and other mass media, except on occasion to keep pulse on what they want you to think).

The mainstream narrative is what is putting us into the state of languish, ceding control to corporate string-pullers. Meanwhile, there is so much incredible, independent content on the Web (articles, podcasts), rich with intricacies of what is really happening, why, and what to about it.

You’ve heard my favorites – too many to list; try Chris Martenson, Whitney Web, Doomberg, George Gammon, Mark Moss, QTR, Grant Williams, Richard Maybury, and Mike Fay, to name a few.

2. Go to the gym. Every. Single. Day. Yes, you can substitute a jog, hike, snowboarding, cycling, pick-up basketball, etc. If you’re outside in the sun, all the better.

Sure, this advice isn’t rocket science, but if you’re languishing, you need to hear it. Right now, I am on Day #4 of COVID-19 (it’s a walk in the park, at least the version I got… we shut down the global economy for this?). But in order to avoid spreading it, I have refrained from my daily gym routine.


Dying to get underneath some heavy weights, work up a sweat, then roast in the sauna. Nothing is better for your mental health than getting those endorphins going. If you’re languishing, force yourself to the gym every day for two weeks, then tell me if you’re still languishing.

By then, you’ll be on the cover of Forbes with Anthony Fauci in a headlock.

3. If you haven’t done this yet, get some of your financial wealth outside the system. That means buying physical gold, silver, and Bitcoin (yes, preferably all three).

I’m a broken record, but the current debt-based fiat money regime is a giant house of cards, and the storm is coming. You will continue to languish if you are stuck only in this inflating, fraudulent, hall of mirrors.

Go back and read four years worth of our writing on this site — it’s largely unfolding as we said it would. Heck, just get the damn children’s books, it’s all there. If you don’t like the first one, it’s yours for free.

Your family must understand the difference between sound and fiat money, and where they lead. The Bitcoin rabbit-hole is a beautiful place to start. Buy some and start your journey now.

Don’t confuse Bitcoin with cryptos like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, or others. The crypto universe is a cesspool of junk with a tiny few winners, and the violent shakeout of junk will create extreme volatility, even in Bitcoin.

4. Plant a garden.

Okay, I have not done this. But it’s one of the most resilient, rewarding, meaningful things you can do for your family, your community, and the planet. Get your hands dirty and grow some food!

Then, kick me in the ass and make me do the same.

5. Build a treehouse.

We did this in 2021, while NY Times readers wept in a puddle of their own urine.

The kids and I plan to finish a second story in 2022. Not one of those days up in the big oak under the Texas sun did any of us feel any sense of languishing. We laughed, we cried, we loved, flourished, and thrived.


Ernst, Fritz, get the coconut bombs!

What else? Well, the NY Times recommends getting into a state of flow.

Flow-states are indeed the opposite of languishing, so write something, read something, build something, start something, design something, ride something, ski something, go for it!!!

I love flow-states, especially when writing. I also find them deep in thought while doing something monotonous like driving, and begin to connect dots and see the code in the matrix.  

A hack I found that helps is to start the morning with Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey’s signature recipe adding grass-fed butter and MCT oil to get your body burning fat for fuel instead of sugars.

The NY Times? The tragic joke in this article is how they suggest you find your flow: “An early morning word game catapults me (author) into flow. A late-night Netflix binge sometimes does the trick too – it transports you into a story where you feel attached to the characters and concerns for their welfare.”

Crossword puzzles and Netflix? Really?

Where you find your flow is where you become most productive and unleash on the world creativity and mastery. And you want to do that with a crossword puzzle?

Even worse, has anyone achieved flow watching TV? Do they even understand flow? This is broken thinking, and why we’re languishing in the first place.

These people aren’t your friends, or they’re just lost, twisting in the wind themselves. Tune them out, and set the example for the people in your life. Lead the way, and others will follow.

Lastly, please, no more giving a s— about anyone else’s vaccination status.

It’s a New Year, time to trim all the BS from the last two. Time to unplug from bad advice and take languishing out to the woodshed. Go get what you want, champ. 

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