Inflation, shortages, baked in the cake.

Massive money-printing, lockdowns, business failures, labor shortages, vaccine mandates, fearmongering, and mixed, conflicting messages from two-bit, lying bureaucrats (and their lapdogs in the press)… It’s no wonder shelves suddenly go empty, and inflation has turned up like a hockey stick.

In short, the government broke the economy.

Some are rolling your eyes (what empty shelves, this guy is always picking nits and blaming government). Like that time on March 9th, 2020, when we said…

Most will survive COVID, and it might feel like the flu, but the implications include major supply chain disruptions. Global delivery is a logistical miracle. Plastic shit shipped in all day from China for dollars in return, mere digits on a screen. It’s great, unless it breaks. There is no back-up plan.

What if, we asked, you had to rely on locally sourced products? What might you find on the shelves? You don’t have to ponder that long to get very uneasy. We also predicted…

The response by authorities will be more of the same: money printing. It won’t put products on the shelves or people back to work.

We called it “the beginning of the end for the global paper money system”.

Today, you’ll get emails from local businesses about policies around handwashing and disinfecting. By Wednesday, they’ll send an update. They’re closing “for two weeks” to stop the spread.

How many will never open their doors again? More than you realize… and, sorry to say, your kids are not going back to school before next Fall…

New dollars will be created by the trillion, sprayed into markets to cushion the fall for the well-connected, but this won’t put people back to work, or products on shelves. It will only cause prices to rise, and expose the fraud, revealing the feckless wizards behind the curtain. The shell game is up.

How did we do? Well, we didn’t predict the Afghan debacle (only Gerald Celente did that, and 20 years ago).

The inflation is not transitory

You could say it’s unfolding as we surmised, albeit slowly.

After years of research, once a lightbulb goes on that others do not see, once you realize a total destruction of the currency is inevitable, the mistake is to assume it must be imminent.

Things are, however, accelerating, and they do that near the end. You’ve been to the grocery store; you’ve seen the prices, and the occasional empty shelf. Will that get better, or worse?

The trend, in this case, is not your friend.

You can do great during an inflation if you position accordingly, but it’s hard to revel given what it does to society. Look at these paper towels (09/29/21 screengrab), a staple in our home-

product page

That’s $50 for a box of paper towels!! Two years ago (08/10/19), we bought the same box for $19.87-

product page

I didn’t intend to cherry pick, and surely you can find a dozen others like it, and a dozen more that haven’t been crunched. I just needed paper towels, these are the ones we buy, and then wham, my jaw fell through the floor, shattering to pieces in the basement.

What does this say about supply chains? How about the fuel shortage in the UK? Natural gas prices in Europe? Electricity in Puerto Rico? Marshall law in Australia?

What will paper towels cost when Kimberly-Clark is forced to require vaccinations? What if half their labor force quits? And half the truckdrivers? How tight will that market get?

This is not a healthy, efficient, or resilient economy. This is calamity.

And for what? COVID has weakened; less lethal variants are favored by natural selection, and we know how to treat it (Ivermectin, Zinc, Selenium…).

You could trust some pretty good science on that, but now, suddenly, ‘the science’ is code for ‘propaganda’, so you can’t trust anyone or anything anymore (that’s what happens, BTW, when you can’t trust the money).

And the vaccines? They don’t even work. Can we admit that yet?

Remember 2019, before the CDC started changing the definitions of words (or putting national moratoriums on rent collection, single-handedly destroying the sanctity of contracts)?

Back then, they said the #1 principle of vaccination is immunity

principle of vaccination

These syringes of messenger RNA don’t offer immunity from anything. They are, however, contributing (with other government COVID responses) to supply chain disruptions.

Please, don’t ask team Government to “do something”. They’ll turn to price controls, perhaps Biden’s own Edict on Maximum Prices, like Emperor Diocletian in 301 A.D., precipitating the fall of Rome.

That’s when we’ll know what real shortages look like.

Next steps

Make hay, friends, while the sun shines. Grow food if you can, store it if you can’t. Buy gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Be ready to defend your home.

Make sure you’ve got good information sources (on these subjects, there’s none better than Chris Martenson at You’ll soon find us writing there as a contributor.

Then, meet friends and neighbors, laugh, share a beer, and play in the sun.

Things might stay rosy – hope for the best – but may not, so plan for the worst. The government cannot save us, nor does it care to. The government cares only for itself, and those pulling the purse-strings.

As we hurdle through another Fourth Turning, the string-pullers are breaking everything. My biggest question is if they are doing it on purpose?

Incompetence of this magnitude is hard to fathom.

If you connect a few dots, might this be a planned, shuttering of expectations, to get the pesky American middleclass consuming less? The beginning of their new feudal system, the Great Reset as they call it…

Don’t consent your family to being their serfs. Build, grow, create, connect, save, prepare, defend, lead, love, learn and laugh, and as always, teach your kids to #QuestionAuthority.

After winter comes the Spring, and America is going to need those kids of yours ready, willing and able.

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