AA better reflection of what we do.

When we reserved the address TheBadDaddy.com (on a tipsy whim back in 2017), it was after writing a parody poking fun at parenthood as I missed the Final Four so the kids could watch Moana. This project really didn’t know what it wanted to be when it grew up.

The web address was catchy, a fun blog about parenting perhaps. By my 2nd column (We’re Headed Back to a Gold Standard), we started veering toward my real passion: Finance, and the global monetary system. Few understand it, and that’s by design.

If we can help other families see it, we’d feel pretty good about that.

The mission became clear: Helping kids (and parents) understand finance using ‘better bedtime stories’ to reveal in simple terms how the money system works, how it quietly changed from serving the many to serving the few, how to use it, and how to fix it, using the principles of America’s founding.

That, not pointless parenting parodies, is my real superpower.

No one wants their kids to grow up to be the sucker at the table. Raised believing in an unconstitutional fraud, never hearing from teachers, counselors or coaches any reference to monetary history or sound vs fiat, they’re spit out like windup toys into a meatgrinder.

What’s the root of all the world’s biggest, most intractable problems? To that question, my kids all shout in unison: “The broken, crooked, debt-based fiat money system!”

That makes a dad proud.

And wow, are we ever at a climax as the Federal Reserve tries desperately to thread the needle between depression and hyperinflation, 50 years of can-kicking now hitting a wall.

If you read our column and bedtime stories (five now total), it’s all laid out for your family. You already know where it’s going…

We’re headed for a global monetary reset, much higher food and energy prices, and crushing losses in the bond market. Stocks and real estate will whipsaw down, then up with inflation.

They’ll try a Hail Mary to save the system with CBDC (Fiat Money 2.0). That will fail spectacularly as programmable money destroys the price signal. Shortages will force individual governments to scramble back to gold-backing in developed countries, Bitcoin in the 3rd world.

All the while, we’ll be writing about it with a wry smile, arranging the pieces to stay two steps ahead, a knowing spark in our eye and a stiff drink for courage.

Time to marry the brand with the message.

As we barrel through this Fourth Turning (an ~80-year cycle where four generations of Americans repeat the past, hard times breeding strong men, strong men bringing good times, good times breeding weak men, and weak men bringing hard times), it’s time to adopt a brand that reflects what we do – what we’ve been doing – since well before inflation accelerated.

It’s with excitement and gratitude that we announce InflationEducation.net.

Both sites are running for now, and we would love your feedback in our poll. At the very least, you’ll no longer face the odd looks as you recommend our work to friends at the old URL.

The Alliance Partnership

We are also dropping the Alliance Subscription in favor of the Alliance Bundle.

Since our release schedule is unpredictable and can extend beyond three months, it has required custom code on the backend to ensure your subscription pauses awaiting new releases once caught up. That played havoc with eCommerce applications.

Instead, for Alliance Partners we’re doing an Alliance Bundle. Same great 40% savings, but all the books at once, with a discount attached to your email when new books release.

Existing Alliance Partners will catch up, then we’ll sunset the subscription, continuing with 40% lifetime savings (even for gifts, and they make great birthday presents or go well under the tree!). After The Beautiful Bitcoin Book, partners will have to place an order for future releases.

If you’re not yet an Alliance Partner, you can join with the bundled savings here.

With the new website, we’re different, but the same, honing our brand to match the books and columns we’ve been writing for years, emphasizing the pillars you’ve come to rely on us for-

Liberty, sound money, personal responsibility, Austrian Economics, Natural Law, and always and everywhere to #QuestionAuthority.

In closing, thank you for your support and readership as we shift into 3rd gear. Let us know how we can help your family survive and thrive in the coming global monetary reset.


Want to raise empowered kids who know how the money system works, and how to use it? Kids who understand sound vs. fiat, debt, the business cycle, gold, Bitcoin, markets, and groupthink?

Our line of Better Bedtime Stories can help. Try the Alliance Bundle and receive 40% off today and forever. You’ll love them, or we’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep one anyway. 

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