The Madness of Crowds


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As America is increasingly divided, one group calling for collectivism based on bankrupt socialist ideas and another for individual liberty, your kids — all of our children — are facing huge obstacles to discern fact from fiction, and to stand up for what they know is right. One challenge they’ll face is to avoid getting swept up by the mob into poor decision-making due to herd behavior.

Don’t worry! This book has you covered.

From witch trials to financial bubbles to global pandemics, we take your family on a journey through time to understand how all humans — if not carefully prepared — can fall victim to the Madness of Crowds. Only with careful foresight can we help our children avoid pitfalls and stay three steps ahead.

It starts with better bedtime stories. In stock and shipping now.

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Humans originated from apelike ancestors over six million years, with behavioral traits all of us carry today designed to preserve the species in a world completely unlike this one.

The life our ancestors led was not one where disagreeing with the group would end well. They’d quickly get banished, then picked off by a predator, starve, or freeze to death. Because of this, humans think in herds, act in herds, and can easily go mad in herds (recovering our senses only one at a time).

For most of our evolution (99.95%), the safety of the crowd was our only chance to survive, thus we are pre-disposed to believe anything that appears consensus, no matter how wrong or self-destructive.

This trait is even more dangerous now, when the levers can be pulled on social media, manipulating our spending or voting behavior and herding us into carefully managed pens.

At InflationEducation.Net, we’ve spent two dozen years studying economics, history, and crowd psychology, to piece together the stories that can help your family be wise to the game.

Join us in a journey through time, from financial bubbles to witch trials to global pandemics, as groupthink overcomes the good senses of many, planting the seeds to successfully navigate a different world then evolution prepared us for, where security now lies in independent, critical thinking.

It takes a child, after all, to tell the world that the emperor has no clothes.

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1 review for The Madness of Crowds

  1. Phil (verified owner)

    We love these books! This one the kids to stand up for what’s right, and be wary of groupthink. Super high quality with beautiful illustrations, and teaching things our kids won’t learn anywhere else. You can build up to the full text by retelling the stories for toddlers in your own words. Love it!!

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