The Big Bad Business Cycle


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“The Big Bad Business Cycle” is the third in our line of better bedtime stories, and a must read as America and the world teeter into another massive financial bubble in search of a pin.

Families today are taught nothing of the vicious but predictable cycle of government monetary policy, suppressing interest rates, printing money, and raiding the coffers, creating only catastrophe and ruined lives for the unprepared. With better information, your children can be on the right side, seeing and feasting on opportunities created by the distortions from government meddling in markets.

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America and the world have faced ever-larger waves of bubble-and-bust since the money system was untethered from gold in 1971. Most people don’t understand it.

Just trying to make our way in the world, most of us get sucked into all the wrong business opportunities at just the wrong times. This dangerous cycle preys on our psychology, fueled by the paper (fiat) money system. Each time government steps in for a rescue, they only add more fuel for the next fire.

They’re all on state-sanctioned curriculums, so school systems can’t touch these subjects, shipping your kids and mine into the world like sheep headed straight for sheering.

At InflationEducation.Net, we’ve spent more than two decades studying finance, history, and economics to piece together this important story, helping your kids be wise to the game.

Join us, as we take them to the enchanted village of Debtopia, where two competing Presidential candidates, Laissez-Faire and Busy-Body, present two different paths forward for the beloved Debtopians, who learn the hard way a valuable lesson: There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Plant the seeds they’ll need later to navigate the world of politics, economics, self-discipline, human psychology, and the social contract.

It takes a child, after all, to tell the world that the emperor has no clothes.

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  1. Phil (verified owner)

    We love these books! This one teaches kids about market cycles. Super high quality with beautiful illustrations, and kids won’t learn this anywhere else. You can build up to the full text by retelling the stories for toddlers in your own words. Love, love, love the BBBC!

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