Explains to all the blowhards and bureaucrats why Trump became popular.

Hilary Clinton spilled the beans for the establishment, saying the quiet part aloud when she called for “formal deprogramming” of Trump supporters.

Like him or not, that’s 116 million Americans, neighbors, friends, colleagues, parents at the local soccer fields passing out Gatorades and orange slices after peewee football games, picking pumpkins at the Fall Fest, answering doors in costume overflowing with Tootsie Rolls and Hershey’s bars for your kiddos and mine on Halloween.

Team elite north of Richmond wants those 116 million Americans corralled into reeducation camps, made to toe the line, just like they (used to?) do in China.

But why do ordinary Americans even support Trump?

Sure, he’s a blowhard too, everyone knows that. He’s said nasty things they don’t condone, but 116 million Americans support Trump because (a) the alternatives presented thus far have been dreadful (downright unholy) in Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton before him, and (b) Trump wants “to make America great again”.

Was it ever great? And if so, what made it so? America was never perfect, but it’s an historical fact that it was the freest and most prosperous country ever.

Today, it’s less so.

It’s harder now for most Americans to provide a good home for their children — two parents need to work in most households just to scrape by — and the government (along with many citizens and businesses) is completely insolvent.

As a patriotic Dad, a one-income, head-of-household providing for a family with four children, it’s time to give the blowhards in Washington a history lesson.

To: Congress, President Biden, and the 2024 Candidates

To be entrusted with your leadership role in America is a privilege. To retain this privilege – and the advantages it bestows on you personally – your first duty is to the American people, as represented by the US Constitution. That founding document, together with the Bill of Rights, delivered the unparalleled prosperity we’ve enjoyed in America for nearly 250 years.

Without those rights and limits to power, there is no America as we’ve known it. There is no prosperity, no spoils to divide among victors, no budget or surplus to advance ideas or careers.

Without those rights and limits, America would be another Eurasian totalitarian state, or one of dozens of South American or African horror stories of societal collapse.

America has been riding a wave – now cresting, threatening crash – from the economic prosperity created by those rights and responsibilities, the system of liberty.

Political hacks like yourselves have come to believe in American exceptionalism, that we – that you – can see farther than others, that we are the indispensable nation and should impose our will by shaping the world in our fancy, but if we do not do the work of looking back, or lose respect for those rights and responsibilities, we steer the nation and the world only to chaos.

It’s not because we are Americans – somehow superior by accident of birth – that we know best, but instead, it was an understanding of history by American founders, of what works best in human interaction, that they ordained the rights and responsibilities in the US Constitution.

This knowledge of human interaction in moral ways to maximize prosperity, the concept of Natural Law, as codified in the US Constitution, is how we achieved economic prosperity and came to lead the world, a beacon of hope, shining city on the hill where people came to be free; free to work and keep what they earn, to worship how they wish, to criticize their government, to speak openly in all things without the threat of reprisal.

Without that careful understanding through study of history, no one can see beyond their own hubris or the crafty storytelling of a grandstanding charlatan.

The good news is, we don’t need you to be a historian to hold office (although it would be nice if you knew history and had business experience). The understanding in those documents as crafted by the American Founders is so strong, you can continue as a likeable buffoon or nefarious self-promoter, as long as you adhere to those rights and responsibilities.

There aren’t any other criteria.

Uphold the Constitution, that’s it. That’s your job description.

Allow me to summarize Amendments 1-10 from the Bill of Rights, speaking not only for myself and family, but the overwhelming will of most Americans, the silent majority-

Bills of rights

[Source: The Madness of Crowds, the 4th in our line of Better Bedtime Stories]

Read each of them now, especially numbers 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10. Now stop inserting yourself into anything you are not explicitly granted authority by the Constitution itself.

You report to us, Mr. President. You as well, Congress.

Uphold the Constitution, starting with the Bill of Rights, plus Article 1, Section 10, requiring only Gold or Silver be used as legal tender, or pack your bags and get the hell out of office.

I’m sure they’ll be happy to have you in Canada, where just Justin Trudeau shares your unique combination of hubris and incompetence.

Good riddance,

The majority, silent-no-more


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