For parents out-of-work, we’ll send your kids a free hardcopy of “Where does money come from?”

As the world faces the most sudden economic collapse in history, we had to think twice about going to print on a new line of better bedtime stories.

The premise is more relevant than ever, but it won’t put food on the table or Charmin around the toilet roll. We pulled the trigger anyway.

It’s too important that this story find your family. So get your kids in their comfiest PJs and make some popcorn. It’s time to peel back the onion and understand why the palace is crumbling; why our beloved country is hollowed with debt, splintered into barking factions, and missing it’s True North.

Your children can do better for the world if they know the truth.

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If you’re unsure about it, read on to confirm our ideas are for you. Then write us, and we’ll send a full color, 1st edition hardcopy of “Where does money come from?”, no charge whatsoever (while supplies last).

Families like ours – with little ones and big dreams, strong values around liberty, self-reliance, and what it means to be a provider today – need to stick together.

Pattern variance.

Some of you noticed we broke our typical monthly schedule with two columns 7 days apart in March. We were compelled to share what we’d learned about the coronavirus.

It wasn’t good news, playing out as we expected. What I struggle with sometimes is how our site, about providing a more insightful, more rewarding family life for parents like you (who are not afraid to step away from the herd to look behind the curtain), too often has a negative slant.

Lucky enough to be born in the greatest, most free country the world has ever known, and much of what we’re doing seems like mere complaining.

Have I become Chicken Little, clucking around the Internet in a tiffy?!?

Well, perhaps it’s 11:22 PM on April 14, 1912. The night is clear, the band plays, and the champagne flows. We ride together in luxury on the largest economy ever, a seaworthiness never before matched.

And here I am, yelling about icebergs. The iceberg I can see is the broken paper money system.

Massive change is coming.

The exorbitant privilege in having the world’s reserve currency, the only one the Saudi’s will accept for oil, backed by nothing – the ability to print, borrow, and spend, sending digital currency units abroad for cargo-loads of real stuff – is at an impasse. It may take years to submerge, but the hull is cracked.

The official response to Covid-19 is the final nail. It’s ludicrous. Mark these words: the bailouts and money printing will surpass $10 trillion. There’s a bill floating in Congress (by Michigan democrat Rashida Tlaib) to have the U.S. Treasury strike two $1 trillion coins to raise funds for more stimulus.

It doesn’t work like that, Rashida (not well, anyway). The theft of purchasing power and loss of confidence is certain, and the buffoons in charge know little of history.

As the ship floods, if we can steer it back to a gold standard, it will be a rebirth. This system of fiat money has only weakened Americans, and nearly destroyed the world.

In the short term, there will be pain for the unprepared.

The 0.01%, they see it coming, too. It’s why they’re buying land and building bugout-bunkers away from cities. The difference is, we’re sharing the data with you.

Our books will walk your family through it, in just the right order. And if you lost your income, this one’s on us. If you have friends who lost their paychecks, you can tell them, too.

What if you didn’t lose your job, but can’t afford it? Follow the steps above, and we’ll consider your request. Ashley (brains and beauty) reminded me your kids are furloughed too, and we’re all in this together.

If you can afford to buy the book, or better yet, join our Alliance Partnership, please do (order here), saving the relief packages for parents who need it most.

More than 17 million Americans have just lost their job. We don’t have endless funds, so we’ll have to pull this offer down at some point. For now, we’re inspired to fulfill requests as long as we can, to brighten days and enlighten young minds, while resources permit. Thank you for understanding.

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