The Survival Podcast

Join us as Jack and I discuss subtle changes to the money system resulting in the hollowing of America with debt, now at an apex, financial bubbles, a massive wealth gap, Bitcoin, the Great Reset, civil unrest, and calls for socialism by Americans who do not understand the mechanics.

Jack makes some great points, like…

Did you know The Wizard of Oz is an allegory for the debate over “sound money” that occurred in the late 1800s? Written in 1900, it followed unrest in the debate between gold, silver, and the dollar standard.

Dorothy represents traditional American values, while the Scarecrow portrays the American farmer, the Tin Man is the workers, and the Cowardly Lion depicts William Jennings Bryan, the standard bearer for the “silver movement,” and unsuccessful presidential candidate. In the original story Dorothy’s slippers were made of silver, not ruby, implying silver was the Populists’ solution to the nation’s economic woes. Meanwhile, the Yellow Brick Road was the gold standard, and Toto represented Prohibitionists, an important part of the silverite coalition. The Wicked Witch of the West symbolizes President William McKinley; and the Wizard is Mark Hanna, chairman of the Republican Party who made promises that he could not keep. Lastly, “Oz” is the abbreviation for “ounce.”

Fascinating, right?

Hear Jack and I discuss that, Bitcoin, gold, COVID response, and more…