Using Better Bedtime Stories to prepare your kids for the world that awaits them.

Don’t miss our new interview below, the clearest window yet into why we’re busting our butts to get these stories out as fast as we can. The great unwind is here (COVID 19 put these trends into hyperdrive).

Learn more about the journey we take families through, educating both kids and parents about the debt-based money system, and how to use it. Inside you’ll hear-

    • Resets of the money system: When were they, how frequent are they, and is one imminent?
    • The biggest risk ingrained into our own human psychology.
    • Why the financial services industry isn’t watching out for your family.
    • The root of all the world’s biggest, most intractable problems – you better know this one by now ;-)
    • Details on our 4th book, which we’re writing now. I’m super excited to share what it’s all about. Hint: It’s not about money, but can easily cause you to lose everything (both your money, and your character).

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