Coming clean on falling flat in 2023

Anyone can write an inspiring, click-bait post in January (like me on 1/1/23), a busy little bee promising to “Have it all in 2023” with “eight ways to live your best life and never look back”. Ugh. Now it’s time to come clean, acknowledging all the ways I failed at my goals, and what to do about it.

I should have let the fanciful little post wander off into the ether, unmolested by harsh winds of reality, but instead (a confident little tike), I promised to “report progress at yearend”.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Bright-eyed and bushy, I told you not to worry too much about growing risks of war, inflation, and totalitarianism, focusing on what you can control – career, business, family, health, investments, relationships, and homestead, letting the cockroaches play their game of thrones.

I beamed write down what you want, tape it to the mirror, then go get it! As if it were that easy? Goal setting is good, but yikes, I had some big misses.

Below are my goals from that post, and where I Ianded with each-

A) Sell 10,000 better bedtime stories (so wildly optimistic it has my brain churning in overdrive, invigorated with the challenge…)

At least I warned it was optimistic. Across all channels, my fulfillment center shows 1,316 books ordered as of yearend. Big miss, just 13% of where I wanted to be.

At these volumes against a large inventory, loses money. Guess what? I’d love it to be profitable, but I don’t do it for the money. I make money elsewhere, inside the machine.

Writing for your family is how I get out of the machine, calling BS on the broken, crooked, debt-based fiat money system, the one destroying the American Dream for your children and mine.

We cannot be a nation of American values – our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, personal responsibility, equality of opportunity, a capitalist meritocracy with free markets, limited government, and natural law, promising both liberty and justice for all – when we live under a two-tiered, crony, fiat money system, rot at the core of our social contract.

Someone has to tell the children, to scream it like Paul Revere, to show them how the system works, so they can use it. That’s a cross I can bear (and finance), a legacy of mine if nothing else.

(For those new to our message, the US Constitution calls for sound – not fiat – money. What we have since 1971 is not only unconstitutional, but literally the root of all the world’s biggest problems).

Our children deserve to know.

Still, 1,316 books… not sufficient. We need to do better.

That means I need to write more on our Substack, get on more podcasts, and/or learn to create better Facebook ads (I hate, hate, hate Facebook, and therefore suck at it).

The good news is, our return rate is minimal (2%), where industry averages are multiples of that, and most customers (62%) buy everything we publish.

You like what we do; thank you for that.

Interestingly, those who don’t buy everything either buy only The Beautiful Bitcoin Book, or everything else. We need to bring the Bitcoin and Gold communities together. Both forms of money are great, like Batman & Robin (or Robin & Batman), free, fair, antitheses to government fiat.

B) Get to 175 pounds (from 190)

I drifted down, but never got below 184, ending the year at 188.

Another 13% attainment (is this a trend?). I hit the gym daily, with a decent physique (aside from that belly) and good eating habits, but simply lacked discipline in other areas (beer anyone?) with plenty of cheat days from those ‘good’ eating habits.

If you say you’re going to do something (and I did), you damn well better do it (and I didn’t).

No excuses, big failure.

C) Get to $20M in revenue (from $17M) in the other business I run (completely unrelated).

We closed the year at $18.2M, 40% attainment, and to top it off, my position was eliminated. I took the news hard for a few days, then got excited about a new opportunity.

I will miss the team, but am grateful and proud of our accomplishments, and that I never slacked. I gave it everything for 20+ years starting as an Account Rep, taking the leadership role these last few years. Even the last six months, informed my contract would not be renewed, I did the work to try to finish strong.

For that I am happy.

Those were my SMART goals (specific and measurable, if not attainable). How did I do on the squishy ones I recommended for us both?

    • Be a kick-ass Dad or Mom.

Done, done, and done. My oldest son found my resolutions and assured me this one is solid.

    • Seize the day.

Done. I successfully Captained our 50-foot Catamaran in BVI (picture above). We had a ball, and will do it again this March (with yours truly back at the Helm).

    • If you don’t have it done already, don’t let another month go by without opening a brokerage account for yourself, and custodial accounts for your kids.

This was for you; I did it years ago, and my kids are beating the market. Here’s our simple, foolproof, 10-step plan in our Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Money, Saving, & Investing if you need it.

Due to the power of compounding, putting this off is a huge mistake.

    • Get out of your comfort zone (where all the growth happens).

Never enough but done. As an example, I did New Warrior Training with the Mankind Project, which was way outside of my comfort zone, a worthwhile subject for another post.

    • Stock a deep pantry; plenty of water and nonperishable foods, plus sock away some gold, silver, and Bitcoin (self-custody).

All supplies are routinely topped off and ready. Check!

    • Get our children’s books already.

This one is just for those who don’t have them already. Whatcha waiting for? As I outlined above, it’s a labor of love more than anything else, so if you truly cannot afford them, let us know. We’ll send them for free.

It’s that important that these stories find your family.

Cheers to a life well lived — successes and setbacks — but never for not stepping up to the plate and taking a swing.


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