Latest Media Appearance

We were thrilled to appear on The Market Disruptors show by Mark Moss on September 13th, 2021, where for his 300k+ followers, we discussed the importance of educating your children about sound versus fiat money, and how the broken, debt-based system we have today is causing a growing amplitude of bubble-and-bust, Fed engineered, cronyism-

Mark Moss and I agree the best way to stay ahead of historic change, including a reset of the money system, is to educate yourself and your children about the real lessons of history (not the ones they teach in school). You can start with that magic hour before bed, using Better Bedtime Stories.

There are opportunities to come out ahead, if you step away from the herd, ignore the mainstream zeitgeist, and take a few key steps now which include buying gold, silver and Bitcoin. The future of money includes all three.

Want to raise empowered, resilient kids who can see behind the curtain, who know how the money system works, and how to use it? Kids who understand debt, the business cycle, and the risk in groupthink?

Our line of Better Bedtime Stories does that. Join the Alliance and receive all of our books, three months apart, 40% off, in just the right order.

You’ll love them (so will your kids), or we’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep the first one anyway. No risk, and nothing to send back.

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