Race wars, class wars, riots, arson… it’s all about the money system.

Society is fraying, and it’s not entirely about George Floyd. George is part of it, but it’s much bigger than that. Ever feel like you know something that no one else does?

You tell the people you love, your wife/husband, your friends, your parents, you say it again and again, and they mostly just roll their eyes. There he/she goes again.

If an idea is not well known to many, it’s perceived as crackpot. It’s difficult for herd animals (which we are) to believe in anything “fringe”, because that puts us outside the safety of the herd.

It’s called groupthink, and it’s deadly.

Are you a republican, or a democrat? Here then, friend, are your ideas. Here’s what to think. Here’s your button, and the talking points we prepared for you. Are you white, black, Latin or Asian?

Rich or poor? North or South? Red or blue? East or West? Biggie or Tupac? Here then, little lamb, here are your ideas. Come and slop with us, so says the sign above the doorway.

The string-pullers know this about you.

It’s why they don’t put the wrong ideas – the ones they don’t want you thinking – on television or in textbooks (except to marginalize them as conspiracy theories).

The reason we’re not getting along

Black lives matter. They do. As much as white ones, or brown ones.

You know what else matters? Fairness. No, not that we should all get the same big, fat government check and a hand job every morning from social services. Not that kind of fairness.

The kind of fairness that says, Hey, none of us, not my group or yours, get to create money from nothing – with a keystroke – and funnel it in the direction of our choosing. None of us get to be the central bank. In a fair society, we’ll use something for money that can’t be conjured or created by any group in a way it cannot also be obtained by other groups. No one gets to pull strings from behind the curtain. We’ll use gold, silver, Bitcoin, or bologna-f—ing-sandwiches if we have to. Something, anything but fiat.

That’s the kind of fairness that matters, right alongside George Floyd, and everyone else that’s gotten their throats crushed by government.

Why do so few connect these dots? Cities are burning because the system is crooked; the justice system, yes, but it’s more than that. It’s our very system of money.

This, my friends, has hollowed our insides with rot. The maggots wait patiently on the field level for the plebes to drop.

“Let them eat cake”, they say, from the luxury boxes, as Minneapolis burns.

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