The Green Dream, crash-landings, and why to teach your kids about finance ASAP

The world’s gone mad.

Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, we wake each morning to more of the same. You open your newsfeed only to choke up your breakfast.

Is it The New York Times or The Onion? The problem is not that it’s fake news. The problem is that it’s real.

Jussie Smollet hires thugs to stage a hate crime against himself? Phony lynchings, now a tactic for social and political change. “Gross”, you ponder, swallowing just to keep your bagel from coming up.

Meanwhile, Trump (“you’re fired!”) declares a national emergency to secure billions to spend on a border wall, while his budget is more than a trillion underfunded. That’s 12 zeros – over $1,000,000,000,000 – to print or borrow every year, and it’s not enough.

Are we in Medieval times? If we’re going to build a wall, can we put catapults on it? How about a moat, with piranhas?

“Attention, plebes. Giant turkey legs will be served inside the wall at Noon. The gladiators fight at 2:00”, echos President Trump off his new wall.

I wish they would finish the nationwide intercom system, so I know where to be and what to think at all times. Finally, it will be just like Elementary School.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – God bless her soul – just chased Jeff Bezos and the new Amazon headquarters out of New York.

Goodbye 25,000 well-paying jobs, state-of-the-art construction, a tech incubator, $10 billion in tax revenue, and much more in private spending. Her problem?

For completing the development in an area with poverty rates and median incomes disadvantaged by 20% or more, the city promised tax credits, small in comparison. Win-win, right? Not for AOC and her comrades.

Amazon, no soup for you!

Confused, AOC wants to spend the tax breaks that no longer exist on raises for teachers and subway repairs. Um, there’s no money anymore, Alexandria. Tax breaks imply taxes imply development. No development, no taxes, no breaks.

NYC, no soup for you!

The Green New Deal, have you seen it? It’s astounding. I had half a bagel shoot from each nostril like ninja stars when I saw that fairytale.

Is that a Congressional Bill or a letter to Santa Claus? Dear Santa, this year I’d like jobs, housing, and college paid for all, gasoline engines off the roads, and the flight of man to cease. Send us across the Atlantic on trains from now on.

Well, I’ve been a good boy too. To hell with trains, it’s unicorns we’ll ride. Unicorns or bust. Unleash the gladiators!

Not merely the dreams of a 29-year-old saving the world, the GND is widely endorsed by the Democratic frontrunners of 2020 (your next president).

They plan to pay for it with newly issued money from the Federal Reserve. That’s not speculation; they actually printed it in the FAQs. No one even tried to dress it up. “We’re going to print it up, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll print enough money to get everyone a Unicorn that runs on clean energy”.


That uneasy feeling you have? I know where it comes from.

You’re so used to it you hardly notice, like pain from losing a loved one that numbs itself away after ten years. It’s not your brain, but your gut flashing danger.

How can we be so clever in every area except governance? It’s like we have the collective wisdom of a toilet full of vomit.

That cream cheese backing up through your nose? That is your cue. That’s the bell they ring at the top.

The top is now in for this rickety, wobbly, malformed and distorted paper money system. The next Jenga block to come out – the green dream or universal basic income – will be the last.

Why we don’t elect leaders who learn from history, I’ll never understand. It must be some kind of innate human flaw, like the way dogs can’t see color.

The cause for this madness is groupthink.

It’s on TV and social media, the pundits are talking about it, so it must be okay, right? Surely, they did the research. Unfortunately, no.

That feeling in your gut (that bagel in your nose), they know better.

The Path Forward

Trump, AOC and the political class, they are drunk to the point of delusion, mostly on their own self-importance.

The emperor has no clothes. Go ahead and say it.

Money is the social contract. We cannot print, borrow, print, and spend, picking winners and losers, without fraying our only cohesiveness.

The world is headed for a rude awakening. The road will be bumpy, that much we know. Put on your oxygen mask first, then tend to loved ones. They will need masks and helmets too: emotional resilience, and better information.

But life is lived between the ears, and we won’t let it get us down. We see it coming, and will try to appreciate the irony. In crisis lies opportunity, and we won’t let our children fall victim to herd behavior.

We teach them first to question authority, to question everything.

Those children who grasp finance and history — who learn early — stand to lose least and gain most (in case the unicorns don’t arrive).

Next month we release The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to MONEY, SAVING & INVESTING: Ten Steps Today to Ensure Your Children are Wealthy Tomorrow.

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It’s our gift to you, the resilient.

Your kids are promised nothing, and due nothing. There is no free lunch, they teach that first in economics (at least they used to). No free job, no free housing, no free education. No free wall, no catapults, and no piranhas.

Santa Claus won’t be coming down the chimney much longer. What your children do have – what you have, for now – is an opportunity to shape destiny.

Don’t let it pass.

Don’t leave them confused, huddled, and hoodwinked, hands out, race-baited by dimwitted shepherds and charlatans calling for walls, catapults, and unicorns.

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