The delightful beginning – “Where does money come from?” – will educate your family about subtle changes to the money system and how they quietly impacted America over the last 50 years.

From the back-cover:

The American Dream is now reserved for the privileged few. Most of us know something is wrong, but don’t quite know what, or more importantly, why.

The real problem dates to 1971, when gold was removed from the money system. This subtle move tipped the playing field, hollowing out America with debt. Tragic for most, it’s been a massive boon for a small cabal of insiders who see behind the curtain and understand the mechanics.

At BadDaddy Publishing, we’ve spent two decades studying finance, history, and economics to piece together this important story. The advantage your kids bring to the subject is their refreshing innocence, unspoiled by the groupthink that engulfs all of us as we grow older.

Some things are best understood with only childlike commonsense.

Join us, as we open their mind through story in a full-color, original and beautifully illustrated premium hardback designed to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family. Only you can plant the seeds they’ll need to navigate the world of money, debt, human psychology, and the social contract.

It takes a child, after all, to tell the world that the emperor has no clothes.