Kids’ books – Dragon’s Love Tacos, The Day the Crayon’s Quit – are cute, and fun at first, but a giant whiff, missing the opportunity to open your kids’ minds about the world – and risks – that await.

Kids grow up fast. One second, you’re cutting grapes in half, and the next, they’re on their own, working odd jobs, getting stuffed with predatory financial products, just trying to make the monthly rent.

Your responsibility is to help them navigate the real world.

Fairytales alone just set them up for failure. So does the school system.

To avoid this fate, you have to open their eyes today. You have to show them how the system really works, to help them learn to think independently, step away from the herd, and question authority.

Don’t worry; we can help with that. Rest assured, we won’t take the fun out of story time. We add a bigger purpose, educating, enlightening, and entertaining the whole family using the principals of individual liberty, sound money, personal responsibility, Austrian economics, and Natural Law.