We take complicated concepts and bring them down to a child’s level. Each will understand at their own pace, usually after repetition, making indelible memories as you pull these off the shelves, mixed in with all of their other favorites. Better Bedtime Stories always spark conversation during that nightly ritual, allowing parents and children to discuss, debate and help each other elaborate.

The sweet spot might be ages 6-10, but don’t wait. Is it ever too early to learn about touching a hot stove? Only by challenging your children can you expect meaningful growth.

Toddlers aren’t going to get the message but love the ritual. They’d read anything with Mom or Dad, and that gives you time to master the concepts yourself. Mix it in gradually. Their understanding will grow through repetition and recognition as their brain develops, and discussions follow.

Imagine the advantages they’ll have later in life.

Preteens are too old for picture books – so they say – but they’ll “get it” quickly and need it most (before they get spit out into a world that won’t be kind to the unprepared).

This is the starting point for a lifetime of curious, independent thinking, cracking the nuts that too often allude many of us until we learn the hard way.

If you miss the opportunity because your kids aren’t the “right” age, you’ll never turn back to get it right.