What’s it all about?

The principals of America’s founding — individual liberty, sound money, personal responsibility, Austrian economics, and Natural Law — are all but lost on most today. Meanwhile, the debt-based fiat money [...]

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What is the first book?

The delightful beginning – “Where does money come from?” – will educate your family about subtle changes to the money system and how they quietly impacted America over the last [...]

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What ages are the books for?

We take complicated concepts and bring them down to a child’s level. Each will understand at their own pace, usually after repetition, making indelible memories as you pull these off [...]

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What is the cost?

For individual orders, the cost is $24.99, but Alliance Partners (through the Alliance Bundle) receive a rate of $14.99 each. Quantity discounts are also available (schools and libraries, contact us).

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Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Absolutely. Individual orders can be returned for a full refund for any reason at all. Better yet, under Alliance Guarantee, if you join the Alliance and don’t like them, we’ll refund [...]

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Where can I order?

We’re taking orders online exclusively at our online store. We are not distributing through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other book sellers. We might in the future, but for now [...]

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