Every mom and dad must take careful ownership of this decision.

The CDC, FDA, and the media are doing cartwheels now that the Pfizer vaccine is approved for emergency-use in children 5-11; finally, a road to herd immunity, they tell us.

Never mind that the goalposts keep moving, or the bigger question: How can vaccines that don’t prevent transmission of an underlying disease ever bring herd immunity?

My trust in these institutions – the CDC and NIH especially – lies shattered in pieces under the dark cloud of a scowling Anthony Fauci. Mourn we may, but move on we must.

Some parents – perhaps even a majority? – yearn for the lost comfort of trust in leadership, so brutalized by COVID-hysteria they’d do nearly anything to end the pain, and return to normal.

As you contemplate your family’s path, these nuggets helped me to draw my boundaries, what we will and won’t do for a ‘greater good’ described mostly by those we no longer trust.

1) The risk from COVID increases with age and co-morbids, we know that now. The elderly probably should get vaccinated, especially if obese. Like any adult though, they have rights to person and property. They can make their own decision.

Children don’t have that right. Meanwhile, their risks are but a rounding error, less than seasonal flu. As parents, it’s our job to set the bar for safety. Any intervention that might lessen a near-zero risk for my children better itself be proven as safe as mother’s milk.

2) Unfortunately, data for the vaccines is troublingly different, where one of the biggest risks is inversely correlated to age. VAERS is notoriously underreported, but directionally correct. While more adults receive vaccines, myocarditis events disproportionally impact the young-



As of this export, the US hasn’t administered vaccines to kids 5–11, so the 38% of myocarditis events are in ages 12-17. What do you think will happen when we start vaccinating K-6th grade?

Correlation suggests another big jump out and to the right.

While the CDC is slow to acknowledge other risks, they do admit this one. They claim it is mostly “mild” and “responds well to medicine”, but myocarditis can cause permanent damage to the HEART. When a healthy child develops heart problems, that the CDC considers it mild is no solace.

First, do no harm.

3) The study testing the vaccine in kids was grossly underpowered, with only 1,518 vaccinated. That’s likely to miss severe complications that might occur at a rate of 1/5,000 to 1/10,000.

One piddly, short term study with ~1,500 in the experimental group is wholly inadequate to rolling out a new technology to 28M children facing little risk from COVID.

4) Ah, the FDA Advisory Committee, their position summed up by Eric Rubin after voting for approval: We’re never going to learn how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.

Eric, kind sir, can we start by admitting we don’t have an emergency in this population? We don’t need to rush out experimental, emergency-use vaccines without any emergency. How about we gather more data with a long-term study that isn’t so underpowered?

5) We’ve all heard the refrains: You don’t get the shot (or give it to your children) to protect yourselves. You do it to protect your neighbors, the old, poor, vulnerable, and weak.

Sadly, this well-meaning fluff just isn’t true. That may be why some of us did it, but we were sadly misled. The vaccinated spread COVID too, carrying viral loads equally as high-

Image with Text


“People who have received COVID-19 vaccinations are able to spread the delta variant within their household despite their vaccination status just as easily as unvaccinated individuals, a new study published on Friday shows.”

I get it; they thought the vaccines would, you know, vaccinate, but now that we know they don’t, should we drop this message? It just makes us look stupid.

The real benefit of the vaccine seems to be a short-lived but potentially substantial reduction in severe cases. Therefore, the reason to get your children vaccinated is if you think the benefits to them outweigh the risks. It’s not about protecting community, it can’t be.

Some well-meaning parents may also see it as teaching moment, about self-sacrifice for the greater good. Noble, sure, and I know their heart is in the right place.

If it stopped transmission, we should absolutely have those conversations with our children and each other: How much risk is acceptable in youth to protect elders? But it doesn’t, so instead, we’re teaching kids to obey authority, follow consensus, and to not think critically.

That’s a recipe for disaster and dependency. We need to model the opposite: question authority, do your own research, and run like hell from groupthink and the madness of crowds.

6) Vaccine effectiveness wanes at six months, hence the need for boosters. Permanent boosters. Two mRNA shots, and you get six months of protection? Then a booster every six months, more spike protein into your cells, with each, potential risk for adverse events that may increase?

That is not a deal I’ll sign my children up for.

7) A permanent booster schedule may also thwart the bodies’ ability to develop natural immunities, so says a recent UK report

“Recent observations from UK Health Security Agency surveillance data that N antibody levels appear to be lower in individuals who acquire infection following 2 doses of vaccination”.

Children are well-equipped to handle COVID. A strong, natural immune system is the best kind. How prescient was George Carlin’s 2011 bit on germs, freedom, and the immune system?

8) Excess mortality is up in 2021, even over 2020, especially in ages 15-64 since vaccine rollouts. Whatever we’re doing – and our biggest strategy is vaccines – is not working:



There you have it, folks, eight reasons I draw the line where I do.

The decision on if to vaccinate our own bodies against COVID, that was not an easy one. But the decision on whether to vaccinate our four beautiful, healthy children? That is easy, for us anyway.

That trust we’ve lost in our institutions, in the political elite, the bureaucratic apparatus, and their corporate masters, like Humpty Dumpty, it can’t be put back together again.

Not by all the king’s horses, nor all the king’s men.

#AloneTogether, like everything else they told us, it came with a cost. Now — if not then — they’ve asked for too much. The emperor has no clothes.

There, I said it. The emperor has no clothes.

We will sit this one out, even if that means #AloneAlone. But it doesn’t, because I have a better idea. Your family can sit with us. Vaccines or not, masks on or off, your choice. All families are welcome.

We’ll bring the juice boxes and plenty of cold beer. You bring snacks and frisbees. In the sunshine together, let’s withdraw our energy from the COVID clowns and their steady dose of mass hysteria.


And to your family, good luck, whatever you choose. I hope America will respect that authority – that responsibility you carry – as Mom and Dad, it’s yours alone, to protect your little ones.

The best information I’ve found on COVID is the reporting of Chris Martenson at PeakProsperity.com. This piece borrows from a few sources in his two-part video Mandates and Public Health. Chris has also asked us to write for his site, and you can find our most recent piece on the WEF here.

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