Why we are desperate to find and restore integrity in America.

About 15 months ago, we wrote a piece for PeakProsperity.com called “The Subversion of America from Within”. Looking back, it seems quaint, as America drifts deeper into a rabbit hole of propaganda.

To the list we now add-

  • What seem like Federal agents marching on Washington dressing as white supremacists, as…
  • Biden calls white supremacy the most dangerous terrorist threat to America.
  • A government cacophony about a war on transgenders, mostly illustrated by videos of people losing their marbles at the use of non-preferred pronouns. Most Americans don’t care but can’t possibly know what pronouns others prefer. God help us, as the coddled generation raised inside safe spaces is triggered by reality in adulthood and now decides elections.
  • The FBI trolling school board meetings for concerned parents, the new enemies of the state.
  • US Marine Veteran Daniel Penny defending civilians against a clear threat, arrested for manslaughter. Good luck to us all in the face of future threats, like this godawful display of savagery (hat tip, el gato malo). Men, please don’t ever, ever let this happen in your subway car.
  • High credit scorers will now subsidize mortgages for low credit scorers.
  • The leaked and overturned Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling on abortion. While the Constitutionality of that decision was dubious, it was nonetheless settled. Was this timing not peculiar, as if we don’t have enough to fight about?
  • Reparations committees and congressmen calling for $300k, no $1.2M, no $200M per black resident. As if we could extract that without destroying the currency and therefore the economy, and from where? The government is insolvent by over $100 trillion, quibbling over its maxed out credit card, annual deficits now pacing $2.2T, as we shovel billions to Ukraine despite ripping inflation crippling America at home, dilapidated infrastructure, and homeless hellholes infesting our once-prized cities. Meanwhile, the world watches, sidestepping the US dollar in growing numbers like rats from a sinking ship… heck, I guess we’ll all be millionaires when a gallon of milk costs $100. Ándale!
  • All this on the heels of COVID, a national vilifying of all who wouldn’t bow at the altar of Tony Fauci, the dreaded (and fraudulent) pandemic of the unvaccinated.

Contrast what we’re instructed to think – our daily force-feeding by the media machine – to what you find in your community, at work, school, kids’ sports, or the neighborhood watering hole.

Most of us, we just want to live and let live.

We want to work hard, provide a good life for our kids, and grill cheeseburgers, hang flags, and serve apple pie on Memorial Day, honoring those who gave their lives in service. We want to believe they gave that ultimate sacrifice for a just nation, for the values we espouse to. For Liberty, and justice for all.

Not some. All.

We want a person of character in the Oval Office. None of the other stuff even matters if we can’t have character. That’s why people like Tulsi Gabbard and RFK Jr are attracting support even from those typically found on the right. Because character matters. Honesty matters. Truth matters.

We are desperate to find and restore integrity in America.

Last Saturday the boys and I discovered Memorial Miniature Golf & WWII Museum in Buda, TX. It’s a gem, each hole depicting sequential events in WWII, the brave men and women who fought for America. As we sunk our puts past the Pearl Harbor hole, they got to hear about their great grandfathers’ growing role in the war.

I quietly hoped we’d see one of them at the D-Day hole. Sure enough, we did! The half face in the back is my grandfather, receiving a pep talk from Supreme Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower before paratrooping into Normandy-

Image with Kids

I felt immense pride in that moment. It stuck with me all weekend. I feel it now.

My pride isn’t for FDR or American foreign policy before, during or after the war (story for another day). My pride is in the greatest generation, my grandparents generation, and how they came together as a country.

The narrative they shared, that America is a just nation – a melting pot where race and class mean little if you work hard and have integrity – never fit perfectly, but it serves us better than this new one.

We don’t get closer to a free and fair society with more racial, socioeconomic, or gender division. We get there by embracing the values we always claimed to stand for, applying them uniformly.

So why are we pitted against each other by the machine using racial, gender, and cultural lines? Why are they constantly opening and picking these scabs?

Sadly, it seems to be “divide and rule”-

“The political strategy of ‘divide and rule’ is a tactic employed by ruling powers to maintain control by creating divisions and conflicts among the people they govern. It involves exploiting existing differences within a population, such as ethnic, religious, or cultural distinctions, and manipulating these divisions to weaken opposition, maintain power, and prevent unity among the masses.”

Source: ChatGTP

They want us fighting each other to protect their powerbase and obfuscate the real source of America’s biggest, most intractable problems: their control of the money supply.

The ruling class is creating division in America to prevent our unification against a broken, captured system, the giant baton thrusting into our backside.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t buy into the boondoggle. This whole country was founded by enemies of the state. That, we still have in common. The flag I saluted, it promised liberty and justice for all. Do that, and the state will regain my allegiance.

Until then, I stand with you, my friends and neighbors, right and left, black and white, in search of character, and withdraw my consent to the broken charade.


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