A meaningful life is full of love; love for other people, love for nature, and love for self.

Webster’s says to love is-

1. To hold dear or cherish.
2. To feel passion, devotion, or tenderness for.
3. To take pleasure and to thrive in.

In the context of family life, we see loving mostly as building healthy relationships with your spouse and children, supporting each other, minimizing stress, and getting quality time together.

It’s about understanding emotions and insecurities in your wife or husband, getting holidays right (Christmas morning after Santa came for the kids, a bountiful Thanksgiving complete with cranberry Ol’ Fashioneds, and the perfect Mother’s Day for the Goddess in your home), family fun like building a kids’ volcano with real lava, or just getting outside in the sun together, breathing fresh air, turning on the moment, and tuning out the noise.

Have the neighbors over for cocktails, light a campfire, and break out the guitar. No screens, no stress, no homework, and no finger pointing.

Loving is about cherishing as many of these fleeting little moments we share on Earth together.

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