Life is about learning, and the universe is our classroom. From the moment we have consciousness, we are learning by processing information through the feedback loop known as consequences; actions and reactions.

Webster’s says to learn is-

1. To gain or acquire knowledge or skill by study, experience, or being taught.
2. To become competent in, proficient in, or familiarize oneself with.
3. To discover, to find out, to become aware, to gain an understanding not previously held.

In the context of family life, we see learning mostly in the form of teaching and childrearing.

How can we be better parents? Can we help our children to work in harmony at home and school, without constant nagging? What about diet, and the gut-brain connection? Can youth sports help, and if so, what about the risk of long-term brain injuries?

Learning is about staying open-minded, testing and challenging our pre-conceived notions. It’s about recognizing that on the other end of this parenthood journey lies a full grown human — secure and self-reliant — not a child who should simply fall in line. We’re not training dogs, we’re raising people. We need them to question everything, and stand up even to authority for what’s right.

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