What was it that Ayn Rand said about the poor? Don’t be one of them.

And how not? By taking control, leading your family away from the pack, and building a life of abundance.

Webster’s says to lead is-

1. To help others move forward.
2. To be ahead of, in charge of, or in command of.
3. To experience a particular way of life, and have the vision that comes with it.

In the context of family life, we see leading as being a great provider. Earning, saving, and investing wisely, providing a safe and secure home for your spouse and children, with all the creature comforts.

At InflationEducation.net, we are not interested in scraping by. Conformity doesn’t work any longer, but opportunity is everywhere for those who can see the world clearly, peeling back the onion to challenge the status quo.

This means understanding how our money system works and most importantly, cui bono (or who benefits?), using debt wisely, and financial planning, including how much money to save before having a baby, where to put savings, and how to prepare to buy a home or pay for college tuition.

Leadership also encompasses career, and ethics. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, and inspiring others (particularly your kids, their friends, and your friends), to do the same.

Below are the columns we’ve loosely organized in this category.


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