I have bad news: The world is awash in groupthink, and the herd is headed for a cliff. Bad ideas are everywhere.

But life is lived between the ears, and we don’t let it get us down. We enjoy the irony. Coupled with better insights and good preparation, laughter is the best medicine.

Webster’s says to laugh is-

1. To show emotion (including joy or scorn) with a chuckle.
2. To find amusement or pleasure in something.
3. To produce the sound or appearance of laughter.

Funny needs no other raison d’etre, but often we use it to diagnosis the wrongheadedness in the actions of our feckless electorate. Comical on a grand scale, to watch as they blunder through rulemaking, blind to history, drunk on power, and with few discernible skills.

Explaining government to kids, calling BS on the joys of baby-rearing, or looking back on the dad blogs that got us started, below are the columns we’ve loosely organized in this category.

Another SAT Bombshell: College Board adds “Parental Misfortune Score”

Unlike Adversity Score, PMS ranks students on how shitty you are as a parent. Riding a wave of press surrounding the new SAT Adversity Score (measuring “social disadvantage”, designed to [...]

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