Help your kids navigate the giant swindle.

As we learned in Part I, the chasm between rich and poor has exploded, and the culprit is our money system. It’s a giant con, and we are the marks.

The victims in a “confidence game’ (i.e. scam, grift, hustle, swindle, flimflam, or bamboozle) are known as marks, suckers, stooges, mugus, rubes, shills, or gulls.

Your kids (and mine) are groomed for the role even more than we were.

Maybe you took the money system for granted, like a good little shill. Just as dirt, air or water, it was just there. It’s always been there, and always will.

It must exist just as it should, and the only way it could. Right?

Wrong, gulls.

The money system in this country today is far different from the one that delivered almost 200 years of massive progress. The American Dream was real, until the big flimflam.

The playing field now tipped, the dream is fading. Anyone born since the 1970’s never knew the old way, and many now assume the big dream was just a big lie.

The rot was slow at first, but accelerates near the end. It’s hard to get ahead, and the childlike confidence we had in the righteousness of our policy choices has only given way to quiet discomfort.

For generations before ours, gold and silver standards’ imposed limits to power on banks, politicians, big corporations, and private equity. Today, the limits are gone, and these entities use regulatory capture and special access to freshly printed money to protect and grow their advantage.

It’s the new money system that drives the unprecedented wealth gap, plus asset bubbles, the war machine, runaway debt, and growing destitution. It’s nearly the root of all evil.

The “little people” (that’s us) know something is wrong, but most can’t diagnose it. It’s harder to get through God Bless America with a straight face.

The irony is thick like pea soup, as our youth blame capitalism. How far we have fallen in the land of the free, this bastion of bootstrappers and sleeve-rollers where unprecedented prosperity sprung from free markets, property rights, and the profit-motive, that our youngest generation prefers socialism, 51-45.

That’s how effective the re-brandings have been.

The hustle nearly complete, it’s time to send in Pol Pot and his crony Cambodian thugs. The new generation of socialists in America are ready to bend over and take it in the backside.

Watching well-meaning Americans fall for this giant swindle is tragic. Henry David Thoreau weeps from his grave at the slow-motion train wreck, as we can only try to enjoy the irony.


Socialism – helping the downtrodden at the hands of Robinhood governments, taking from rich and giving to poor – must be the “right” thing to teach our babies, the altruistic thing to aspire to, no?

Um, hell no.

Run (don’t walk) from statements like these. Does anyone even read history anymore?

Socialism may be altruistic in theory, but in practice it’s totalitarianism. It’s killed more innocent people (over 100M and counting) than the Nazi’s and the US Government over 250 years combined.

Even George Bernard Shaw, advocate and early leader of the western Fabian socialist movement that helped shape the IMF and World Bank’s socialist agenda describes it this way:

“Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner”.

Well, at least our execution will be kindly then. I’ll be sure my papers are in order for that.

This utopian version from Shaw was a theoretical one, and in practice, we’ve seen instead you are allowed only to be poor or executed, while the ruling class raid the coffers.

If you want to “do good by others”, that’s commendable, but socialism is not that. Open your wallet and give to charity or volunteer your time. Better yet, invest or go into business with them.

Government redistribution strangles opportunity and consolidates power (which is certain to be abused), and most taxes are pilfered anyway by corrupt bureaucrats or wasted on war, death, and destruction.

So, what’s a parent to do?

Do we join the herd, showing our kids how to squeal like baby hamsters for our master’s in government to fill the water dish? How far will they get, running with the crowd?

Trained only to feel and not think, they will struggle to provide healthy, wealthy, happy homes for themselves, let alone any children of their own. They’ll top out in high school, then live handout-to-handout, dutifully bending over each November to vote, and always for more government.

The new capitalists in Asia will eat their lunch.

The light in the distance

Despite our complaining, things could be much worse. In fact, they were much worse for children born into most other times and places through history.

Cheers to that. Open a cold one with me and let’s chart the course.

Like a game theorist, we must plan our family strategy not just against the rules of the game, but our expectations of the other players. Paper money is a sham, an historical anomaly, and the circus clowns running governments are either corrupt or confused, but it’s all fairly predictable.

The emperor has no clothes, but you can see that now.

At least today, property rights persist. The market is allowed to operate as long as it serves the state. Your family need not merely wait in the nest for mother bird to regurgitate an old worm.

To thrive in this world of human folly, to provide for themselves and their loved ones, the children in your home must learn to tune out the pandering crowd, and to study history to see clearly.

They should learn right from wrong, and how to make a buck through honest work. To problem-solve, and to sell their ideas to others. They should learn to save aggressively, how to use debt, and the waning value of a dollar, as it loses purchasing power through time against a barrel of oil or ounce of silver.

They should see firsthand what it means to be a business owner, to employ others, either because you are one, or helped them participate as a shareholder in financial markets.

They must witness what it means to be self-reliant, to have people count on you, and to make good on your promises. To get up early, roll up sleeves, and build something. To think independently, to question authority, to stand up for injustice, and do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

In other words, you must teach your sons and daughters to be capitalists.

And you must do it now. The greatest advantage to building massive wealth is time, and the people who have the most of it – children – are kept completely in the dark until their advantage is gone. What kind of parents are we if we don’t help our kids seize the opportunities provided to them by capitalism?

They won’t teach it in school except maybe in Asia, so it’s all on you. Get this handled now, or your kids will follow the herd right off the cliff.

Next Steps

Now what? Onto the next article and then back to your old routines?

No, you need action, and meaningful change. First, you need a plan. You need a plan that’s well-researched, well-designed, and easy to execute. Don’t worry; we’ve got one.

We took 20 years of research and experience, dumbed it into one simple plan, just 10 steps, designed to be totally foolproof, requiring no maintenance, and ready to automate.

Opportunity is everywhere, but only for those who see the world clearly. Your kids don’t have to buy into false promises only to learn the hard way. You can take control of the narrative, build resilience in your children, and write a better future. We’ll walk you through every step, and at no cost.

We’re bringing the American Dream back for our kids, your kids, and their kids.

Why is it free?

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Now let’s make sure your kids are positioned among the winners. The big house, picket fence around the tire swing in the yard, a swimming pool, and two kids with a golden retriever are optional. Tolerance, generosity, resilience, hard work, self-reliance, knowledge of history, and curiosity are not.

It’s time to raise a generation better prepared to lead.

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In this day and age, you won’t get the facts, nor will your kids, from social media or school. If you want to teach capitalism for kids, you should have been born to an America much younger than this one. Today’s America is focused on indoctrination in socialism for kids.


Humans have this little “bug” in the circuit boards. We go mad in groups, and come to our senses only one at a time. The sooner you start looking for it (so you can get back!), the better.

It’s self-reinforcing, this herd behavior, and makes us easily manipulated. Everyone else thinks (insert meme du jour here) is right/okay/normal, so it must be so.

We’re little fish in big schools with small brains. Facebook compounds this problem by connecting us even from the comfort of our couches and lazy-boys.

Groupthink, now available in your mom’s basement. Yay!! (says my fish brain).

Today’s meme du jour is that capitalism only works for those at the top, and that the answer is to cede even more money and power to government. It’s the perfect crime, a true bamboozle.

The string-pullers hollow-out the American Dream with a corrupt paper money system forbidden even in the Constitution, then watch in delight as the stooges blame capitalism.

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