Preparing your kids for the meatgrinder that awaits them 

The first in our new line of children’s books is nearly complete (the writing and cover art are done, now finishing illustrations prior to print). With luck, it will be ready for the mistletoe and holly.  

I can smell the eggnog and nutmeg just thinking about it. If we miss the Christmas deadline, we’ll be right behind it in the New Year.  

Who’s it for? 

If you’ve read us for long, we probably agree that the paper money system is the root of nearly all evil, and the main reason it’s gotten so hard for families to get ahead.  

Writing about it for an audience of children, though, was especially maddening. You and I know the field is tipped, sure, but we’re old. We’re jaded.  

Kids still think – because they’re taught – that life is fair, and there’s nothing wrong with the way our money is issued; that the government and central bank are only forces for good.  

They skip along to this happy tune like unknowing beef cows headed for the slaughterhouse. First, they find out about Santa Claus, then it’s a giant gun-hose of disappointment from there.  

They’re easy targets for scammers, charlatans, and halfway-decent marketers. 

Well, what if we didn’t condition them to be preyed upon? What if we taught them that the money system is decidedly unfair, helped them understand it, and showed them how to use it? 

That, my friends, is our aim at BadDaddy Publishing. We teach kids to question authority. We call bulls— when we see it, and help our community of hardworking, hard-loving parents see the world clearly.  

We’re not pessimists; we’re realists.  

We find magic everywhere, all the precious, fleeting moments with toddlers as they become big kids. We’re grateful for all of them. Some of us even like babies, sometimes 😉.

We’re not fooled by platitudes about the sanctity of public institutions that have become corrupt cesspools of cronyism and graft. We can connect the dots right back to the paper money system. 

The Plan 

It’s time to launch children better prepared for the meatgrinder, who won’t get chewed up and spit out by the debt machine or fall head-over-heels for some political hack who hasn’t done the research 

It’s time to raise a generation better prepared to lead.  

At BadDaddy Publishing, we can help with that. Kids will tune out your lectures — you know this by now — but they’ll listen closely to your bedtime stories. 

For ten years, nighttime in our home has included story-time (and with one-year-old twins, it will for ten more). Our shelves are stacked with fun books the kids enjoy, but they’re mostly drivel.

Kids bedtime stories are often long bedtime stories, and especially the new classics, they are largely pointless. Fun, but completely useless.

Some nights, I can barely keep my eyes open. 

Think of the missed opportunity. A captive audience, they’d read with Mom or Dad forever if you’ll let them, and were teaching them that… dragons love tacos?  

Next, we send them off to school to get brainwashed, while we work like dogs 

Well, not anymore. It’s time to inject a bigger purpose into story-time. You only get one chance to make sure your kids have the chops to handle the meatgrinder.  

There’s a world of opportunity out there, but the traps are many, and well set.  

Your kids need every edge we can give them, because the school system isn’t going to save them. Lace-up their gloves with better information, so they can come out of your corner swinging.

No prince or princess is riding to the rescue 

It’s time to help your kids write their own fairytales. It starts in the home with the stories we tell ourselves, and our children. It starts with better bedtime stories. 

Want to raise empowered, resilient kids who can see behind the curtain, who know how the money system works, and how to use it?

Our new line of Better Bedtime Stories does just that! Order today, or better yet, join the Better Bedtime Stories Alliance and receive all of our books, three months apart, 40% off, in just the right order.

You’ll love them (so will your kids!), or we’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep the first one anyway. No risk whatsoever, and nothing to send back. Also try our free starter guide below-

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