The next big lie?

Alien and UFO “whistleblowers” of “official” nature are suddenly being given voice in mainstream news outlets. The next question is, why?

As the wonderful Ben Hunt writes in Epsilon Theory (edited for length)…

The most important thing you can do to see the Narratives that subsume and drive our social worlds of markets and politics is NOT to read more, but read differently. Critically.

The secret to reading critically? Ask yourself,

Why am I reading this article NOW?

Just do that. You’re not saying the article is a lie, or isn’t important. You’re saying that there is a metagame at play with the author and sources of that article. You are aware of that game and will take it into account before deciding your reaction.

And who are the Writers of the World-As-It-Is? Republicans, Democrats and Central Bankers. They are pundits, politicians and oligarchs. They are in every nation, and have ONE thing in common. They’re Writing for their own political and economic advantage.

And they’re good at shaping our behaviors with words.

So why are we suddenly reading so much about Aliens and UFOs, including those with potentially hostile intentions?

It could be another distraction from the Biden presidency — bribery, blasphemy and political weaponization of the justice system (hence, not justice).

Could be, although my brain has a way of filing away all the stupid things Paul Krugman says for excoriating later. Here he is, the ruling elite’s favorite Nobel Prize winning economist in 2011 with another of his brilliant ideas-

Paul Krugman: An Alien Invasion Could Fix the Economy

“If we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack, and we needed a massive build-up to counter the space alien threat, and inflation and budget deficits took secondary place to that, this slump would be over in 18 months,” Krugman says.

While Krugman is using the idea as a thought experiment, there’s a serious argument behind it, which boils down to the government gaining the incentive to raise taxes so it could build war-fighting materials, much like the U.S. did during World War II when tax rates were astronomical. The war was the single biggest factor in finally helping the U.S. dig out of the Great Depression, largely because it generated jobs and exports.

Forget what a stupid idea this is (we may as well pay people to dig holes, then fill them up). Living standards are not raised with war materials.

But stupid ideas are the currency of bureaucrats, just look at the lockdowns, the trillion dollar coin, MMT, ESG and climate policy.

Today, inflation and budget deficits are gargantuan, and the status quo requires that they continue, else the money system implodes in a deflationary depression.

Also curious, the latest raising of the debt-ceiling did not create a new limit. It simply suspended the debt-ceiling. There is no debt-ceiling in place today.

So are we being groomed for a fake threat of Alien invasion, a giant charade for the leeches to keep harvesting your earnings through inflation?

It’s too early to say, and if so, they will have truly ‘jumped the shark’. The good news is, if their focus becomes fake Aliens, it won’t be war with Russia. It may, however, be global government — the WEF, WHO, and all the other cluckhead busybodies.

The better news? Few of us trust these lying parasites in media and government anymore, anyway. They sacrificed it all for one boondoggle after another, each bigger than the last, culminating in Covid and the fake climate emergency.

Quoting el gato malo-

the information age has been death for big media.

ratings and revenues have collapsed as oligopoly eroded and information broke free.

this freedom posed a clear and present danger to government (especially bureaucratic permanent government) narrative and control and so the two were forced together in a sort of “you scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours” codependency of access, promotion, censorship, and message hegemony. everyone from media to educational institutions and crony corporatist business interests has fawningly fallen in line with what can only be described as lockstep systems of legal plunder underpinned by invented ethics to defend and glorify them.

but this has broken the information economy and the falsehoods, manipulation, and egregious thumbs upon the scales of the public agora have grown so blatant that the center is shifting and this is about to gather the momentum that will make it decisive.

no one trusts this “information” anymore. the media lies. the government lies. the technology companies lie.

and that truth is plain.

If only they had a plug we could yank right out of the wall.



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