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We help free-thinking moms and dads open their children’s minds to how the money system actually works.

Do you read stories to your kids, only to find your mind wander?

So, the crayons quit, then wrote cutesy letters that are barely legible. Mildly entertaining the first time around, it’s downright painful after a while. Dragons like tacos, sure, but who doesn’t?

If you give a mouse a cookie… ugh. There is nothing remotely real about cause and effect in that story. It’s completely haywire.

The kids like it, sure, and that’s good, but why lose an hour reciting dribble? Have you ever considered the missed opportunity? What if we had bedtime stories that actually taught them something important, while keeping your attention and still giving everyone a good laugh?

What if we actually prepared them for this thing called life?

Raising resilient children who can leave the home at 18 and avoid the pitfalls of a two-tiered, inflationary, debt-based system (instead, riding the wave it creates) is nearly impossible if you rely solely on the school system. Kids are force-fed fables, names and dates — the chopping of a cherry tree or landing of the Mayflower – but miss the real points, mangled to propaganda (and dressed in woke-ism).

The principals of America’s founding — individual liberty, sound money, personal responsibility, Austrian economics, and Natural Law — are all but lost. Meanwhile, the debt-based fiat money system (born in crisis when the USA left the gold standard in 1971) is careening towards a reset, making it more difficult than ever to achieve financial freedom.

Lost in the pages of history, our mission is to bring back the American Dream, one family at a time. We do this teaching kids (and parents) about finance, markets, and the money system, how it works, and how it quietly changed from serving the many to serving the few.

Ready now is Where does money come from?, Good Debt, Bad Debt, and the Big Green Blob, The Big Bad Business Cycle, The Madness of Crowds and The Beautiful Bitcoin Book, and much more to come.

We’re putting the crayons back to work for your family, injecting a bigger purpose into story-time. The future is kind only to the well-prepared.

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