Will your kids know how the money system works?

    We publish children’s books revealing the hidden secrets of debt-based fiat money.

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    The principals of America’s founding all but lost, the debt-based fiat money system (born in crisis in 1971) careens towards a reset, convulsing between inflationary, stimulus-induced boom and bust, making it more difficult than ever to achieve financial freedom.

    Lost in the pages of history, our mission is to bring back the American Dream, one child at a time. We do this by showing families the inner workings of finance, markets, and the money system, how it works, and how it quietly changed from serving the many to serving the few.

    Raising resilient, empowered kids who can successfully launch at 18 and ride the wave of an inflationary, debt-based system without getting crushed and held under is nearly impossible relying solely on the school system. Kids are shoveled fables, names and dates (the chopping of a cherry tree or landing of the Mayflower) but miss the real points, mangled to propaganda and twisted by ‘woke-ism’.

    But you can do this, and we can help. What better way than to use the family ritual before bed? Save 40% now.


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    We help free-thinking moms and dads provide more opportunity, more security, better information, and better prospects.


    Beautiful, full-color, hardcopy children’s books for teaching kids about money, to educate, enlighten and entertain the whole family. With this information, kids can see the code in the matrix and be masters of their own financial fate.

    Without it, they’re pushed into a lost, sputtering system, a crippled economy strangled by debt, policy blunder, regulatory burden, and captured by groupthink. We’re putting the crayons back to work for your family, injecting a bigger purpose into bedtime stories for kids.

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      Quick Questions About

      Better Bedtime Stories


      Kids’ books – Dragons Love Tacos, The Day the Crayons Quit – are fun, but miss an opportunity to teach kids, to open their minds to the world in ways the school system never will.

      Why not show them how the money system works? No one else is going to do that.

      At InflationEducation.net, we add a bigger purpose to story-time, educating, enlightening, and entertaining the whole family using the principals of liberty, sound money, personal responsibility, Austrian Economics, and Natural Law.

      Sound money refers to money backed by gold or silver. The US Constitution (long since abandoned) requires it, but instead, since 1971 we’ve had only ‘fiat’ money (fiat means ‘by decree’).

      With nothing backing the dollar, it’s a confidence game, but worse, unlike gold or even Bitcoin, it’s a two-tiered, inflationary, debt-based system. Banks and the government create it at will while the rest of us can only earn it through work or trade.

      The result is massive distortions, siphoning productivity gains to the top, putting the middle class on a hamster wheel. As the world’s reserve currency, there is also a flood of dollars overseas that may come rushing back when confidence is lost.

      The fuse is lit. If you understand it, you are one in 10,000.

      Two schools of economics arose in the mid-20th century, Keynesianism and the Austrian school. The Austrian school advocates individualism, that the economy results from motivations and actions of individuals. Keynesianism advocates for top-down control, management of the economy through government spending and interest rate policy.

      Despite a horrible track record, Keynesianism retains all the influence because it allows governments to print, borrow, and spend. This has mired us in a 50-year binge fueled by mal-investment (wasteful spending on poor capital projects enabled only by suppressing interest rates). Meanwhile, Austrian Business Cycle theory perfectly explains the consequences – boom, bubble, and bust.

      As Ludwig von Mises said (1949), There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of credit expansion, or later as a total catastrophe of the currency system.

      Today, as we stand at the edge of that catastrophe, it is critical to see what’s happening through the Austrian lens. We can help your family do that through story.

      The concept of Natural Law — a big driver for America’s founders in developing the Constitution and Bill of Rights — is that all people have inherent rights, conferred not by government but by God, nature, or reason. Like a hard science, natural law seeks to understand and codify those principles inherent in the universe and evidenced by human action that create prosperity largely through liberty and uniform justice.

      Richard Maybury summarizes Natural Law into two core principles: (a) Do all you say you will (which forms the basis of contract law), and (b) Do not encroach on others or their property (the basis of tort and criminal law). Everything else is political law or mob rule, largely arbitrary edicts picking winners and losers instead of facilitating prosperity through “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

      The sweet spot is 6-10, but is it ever too early to learn about touching a hot stove?

      Only by challenging children can you expect meaningful growth. Each understands at their own pace, forming indelible memories through repetition during that nightly ritual, sparking debate as they get older. The mistake is to think this material is better suited for teenagers. Most of them won’t listen to us parents anymore by then, focused instead on whatever their peers are doing.

      Don’t miss the opportunity waiting for the “right” age. The books are beautiful, full-color hardcovers of premium quality.

      Absolutely. Individual orders can be returned for a full refund for any reason at all. Better yet, under the Alliance Guarantee, if you join the Alliance and don’t like the books, we’ll refund 100% your money, and you can keep one anyway.